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Hong Peng aka Hp. Founder of Hpility SG and YHP Film. A passionate film creative-director, digital and social media marketer.
computer network at home

What is a home computer network?

Home network 1) Using Mobile IP (Mobile Internet Protocol), it is the home network where a mobile device has a long-lasting IP address. With Moveable...
Dalgona Coffee

You’ve Been Making Dalgona Coffee Wrong This Entire Time

Since COVID-19 put most of us into lockdown, a new viral trend has hit us at home (this time, the good kind): people have...
Plus Size Clothing

The Problems of Shopping for Plus Size Clothing in Singapore

Enter the small city-state of Singapore as a western woman and you'll quickly find a big problem. There's little to no plus size clothing...
property in Koh Samui Thailand

How to Find New Homes or Villas for Rent in Koh Samui

According to CBRE, the real estate industry in Singapore remains the second most expensive housing market compared to the rest of Southeast Asia countries...
belkin and linksys technology

Upgrade your Work-From-Home Experience with Belkin and Linksys

Many of us including myself have been working from home since the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore. Honestly speaking, I miss my office environments such...
online fast food outlets

24/7 Online fast food outlets to satisfy your hunger

Hunger can strike at any time of the day, be it the middle of a day, or at night when everyone is peacefully sleeping...
huawei show you some love

Huawei show you some love in 5 simple steps during this CB Period

If you are living in Singapore, you should know that circuit breaker measures are strictly in place. Together with the travel ban, many of...
sushi delivery Singapore

Online sushi delivery to your doorstep within 45 minutes

Are you craving for authentic sushi from home? Good news here! Introducing sushi delivery, a one-stop online shop offers Singaporean the top-graded sushi, fresh...
stay fit at home

Staying Fit While Stuck At Home: 4 Tips For Success

Recently, many of us have had to make the sudden transition to working from home. Switching to a work from home schedule and lifestyle...
Basic Outfit for 2020

Creative Ways To Spice Up A Basic Outfit

The average Singaporean spends around $1,500 on clothing and footwear every year. This figure shows that looking well-dressed and put together is of utmost...