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Cao Ting

Chao Ting (潮亭) Teochew dining concept at Far East Square Precinct

Chao Ting (潮亭) is a fast-casual dining concept nestled at Far East Square Precinct. They are specialising in Teochew ‘Pao Fan’; a classic Chinese...
Razer Stormtrooper Edition

Special Collection: Razor Introduced Star Wars Stormtrooper Edition Products

Razer introduced a special collection of imperial stormtrooper-inspired peripherals in collaboration with the Star Wars in San Francisco today. The new collections are now...
Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine

Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine (醉宇轩经典潮膳) Dining Concept at Far East Square Precinct

JUMBO Group of Restaurants present the new Teochew dining concept - Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine (醉宇轩经典潮) located at Far East Square Precinct. The...
Mushroom Bouquet

Affordable Mother’s Day Guide: How to Craft a Mushroom Bouquet for your Beloved Mum

Mother’s Day is around the corner, are you looking for a unique gift for your beloved mum? Today, we will be featuring the Mushroom...
FENDI Sunglasses

FENDI presents new Defender Sunglasses 2019 Women’s Collection

FENDI presents the new Defender sunglasses for Woman Spring and Summer 2019 Collection. The FF0370/s and Geometric sunglasses act as a tribute to the...
Tax Refund in taiwan

Step by Step Guide to use the Tax Refund e-Service in Taiwan

  It has been awhile since my last visit to Taiwan and I am glad that they are now having a new Tax Refund service....

Why Seniors In Singapore Should Cycle

The Land Transport Authority has been developing 190 kilometers of cycle routes across Singapore since 2014, with that figure predicted to reach 700 kilometers...
BenQ EX3203R Monitor

7 Reasons why I like the New BenQ EX3203R HDR Monitor

Yes! I have decided to upgrade my desktop monitor after 5 years. Recently, I was introduced to BenQ EX3203R, a 144Hz monitor which comes...
Dermadry product

Dermadry Says Goodbye To Excessive Sweating!

Constantly worried when you go to shake someone’s hand? Limited options for your wardrobe and scared to lift up your arms? Drenched in sweat even after...
Visiting Australia

What I Learned From Visiting Australia

Australia has always been kind of a mysterious continent, especially for Americans and Europeans. This is why it is so intimidating for travelers to...