Acronis opened a school for Children in remote village in Myanmar

Acronis school

Acronis joins European non-governmental organization Stiftunglife opened a general education school for children in a remote village in Myanmar. The school will provide education facilities for kindergarten to grade four children as part of the Branch High School in the village of Ata, Kyauk Padaung Township.

village of AtaThe new Acronis School is part of a long-term community development effort lead by Stiftunglife. Acronis plans to continue its support of the organization by offering to build more schools in the future.

Acronis School in Myanmar

The opening ceremony in Ata was witness by Acronis co-founder and CEO Serguei Beloussov, village officials, and community members. The school ownership was unconditionally transferred to the village. The school will also receive new teachers provided by the state.

Ata is a home to about 500 families, with more than 400 school-age children. Due to the lack of school buildings, many of these children had been studying outdoors with exposure to wind and rain. The new school provided permanent shelter, washrooms, and the much-needed education stability to local families.

Acronis School

Primary school is critical for Myanmar children as it is the only compulsory education they will get. To proceed further, primary school students have to pass a series of examinations on basic academic subjects. Without proper facilities, many children in rural areas fail to achieve their life’s potential. The school will help more students to achieve great results and continue education.

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