4 Key Success Factors of RYDE Carpooling Mobile App


RYDE, Singapore’s number one carpooling mobile app, hits all-time high with 40,000 requests monthly with the launch of its version 4 app. Singapore has been quick to embrace this innovative disruption with RYDE’s network reaching 50,000 members in the first year since its launch.

1. Launching v4 App

Its latest app upgrade enhances information flow between members. It allows riders to view drivers’ ride offers, choose a suitable driver based on past reviews and make a note to the driver. There is a trip log where members can view their pending and completed trips at a glance. A direct SMS function is also included to allow drivers and riders to contact each other upon a successful match.

2. Experiencing Rapid Growth

Terence, Founder and CEO of RYDE Technologies, says, “We are truly transforming the lives of many as we provide an alternative way of moving around the city, connecting 50,000 members in our social network and doing thousands of matches monthly. We have increased our member base by another 150% since January – over a period of 4 months.”

3. Using Data Analytics

RYDE uses data analytics to provide the competitive edge in their operations by analyzing data and identifying patterns to help make better business decisions. For example, identifying temporally when there are spikes in demand. Data shows that the peak periods in the mornings are from 7.45 am to 9.15 am and in the evenings from 5.45 pm to 7 pm. Another metric is the average carpool distance. This has increased from 14.6km in 2015 to 16.6km in 2016. Further analysis is performed to find out where the concentration of demand and supply areas are. This allows RYDE to better target potential areas of excess demand or supply resulting in better optimization, operations and marketing efforts.

4. Focusing on Safety

RYDE has also launched an “industry-first” personal accident insurance with coverage of up to S$10,000 for all verified members, free of charge, when carpooling with the RYDE app. RYDE is committed to creating the safest carpooling platform and providing a peace of mind with additional insurance.

5. Embracing Sustainability

RYDE provides a sustainable way of commuting. By promoting carpooling, RYDE reduces congestion and our carbon footprint. RYDE has partnered Cycle & Carriage in April 2016 to launch the RYDE Carpool Challenge. About 2 months into the campaign, RYDE has already clocked a total distance of 300,000km and has reduced 60,000kg of carbon emissions. It is well on track to meet its target of clocking a total carpool distance of 1,000,000km and thereby reducing 200,000kg of carbon emissions in the campaign.

About RYDE
RYDE is Singapore’s first and leading carpooling mobile application. We are a certified social enterprise that solves the congestion and pollution issues facing cities today. We provide a sustainable alternative for the daily commute. Click here for more information.