Taiwan Travelogue: Nantou Attractions at Bamboo Sky Ladder (南投竹山天梯)


Woot! Discover the hidden attractions in Taiwan! Welcome to Nantou (南投) city. Nantou is located at the center of Taiwan and it is the second largest country of Taiwan surrounded with countless magnificent hills and mountainous attractions for tourists’ destination. Likewise, this city is also well-known in their oolong teas plantation as well as grape wine production.
Taiwan Nantou
Calling for all nature lover and traveller! Today let me bring you to one of my favourite landscape scenic in Taiwan Nantou, the Bamboo Sky Ladder (竹山天梯).

It was the day we refresh ourselves in the morning and get along our identity to meet the Taiwanese Media and Bloggers in Nantou City. Yes! This is me representing Singapore! Woohoo~

singapore media

We kick-off our smooth journey from Taichung city, travelling via the premium coach and it took us about an hour to reach Nantou City. Hence, tips for traveller, it is recommended for you to rent a car or scooter while travelling in Nantou.

Wefie while on our way to Nantou City! Yay ~!

Nantou City

After a long ride, we finally reached the entrance of Ladder Scenic Area (梯子吊橋風景區)! However, this is not the full destination yet! It is the starting point leading to the Bamboo Sky Ladder. We still have another 1.5 hours of walking distance for us to reach the main landscape attraction at the peak of Bamboo Sky Ladder, right above the Taiji Canyon (太极峡谷).

Ladder Scenic Area

The entrance fee to visit Ladder Scenic Area (梯子吊橋風景區) cost at 50 TWD.

Ladder Scenic Area

And without further ado, let’s begin our journey… … …

Taiwan Nantou attractions

From the main entrance to Taiji Canyon, you will have to climb a thousand steps of stairs, passing through the dreamy bamboo forest and take across at the earth god temple. While exploring the Bamboo Sky Ladder, you will encounter stiff and slippery stairs. Although the journey is going to be exhausted but it’s definitely a worth walking journey as you will experience the “Heavenly View” once you reached the top of destination.

Dreamy Bamboo Forest ~!

竹林 ~

Bamboo Sky Ladder

Climbing mountain is a good exercise.

Breathtaking moment to see this landscape with my own eyes!

So near yet so far… Keep it up if you can see the sky ladder!

Bamboo Sky Ladder

Be extra careful with the slippery stairs and falling rocks.

Follow the directory to prevent yourself getting lost in the bamboo forest.

The imprint left by 921 earthquakes…

Don’t give up and keep on walking!

Almost reaching…

The entrance of Bamboo Sky Ladder (梯子吊桥)!


Wefie with the clique at Bamboo Sky Ladder!

Standing on the horizon sky bridge and admiring the most stunning panoramic was one of the peaceful moments in life. I am glad that this perfect scenic experiencing has overtaken the distances and times spent in this journey. For your info, the length of the sky ladder bridge is 136 meters with 208 steps and the difference of height is around 20 meters. The Bamboo Sky Ladder open daily from 7.30am to 5pm (Last ticketing at 4pm).

Taiwan Nantou Serenity

 Serenity ~

Bamboo Sky Ladder

Wonderful place for photo shoot!

Sefie opportunity with friends on the sky ladder!

Taiwan sky ladder

Sometimes you just need to disconnect from everyone else and enjoy your own company.

distance quote

Photo with friend from Taiwan! ^^

Call it a day! Yay! ^^

ladder suspension bridge

Feel the spectacular nature-landscape attraction in the heart of Taiwan, Nantou – Bamboo Sky Ladder (南投竹山天梯). The ladder suspension bridge is ranked as world number 2 in Nantou and tourists may enjoy the scenic view of natural bamboo, gigantic rock, steep cliffs and Taichi Valley Scenic. Let’s enjoy the video here! Cheers!

Bamboo Sky Ladder (南投竹山天梯) Address Location