Exciting Developer Open Sources Stock Charts


Financial bloggers not as equipped as larger institutions like Bloomberg and Reuters, wanting their content to be more interactive and engaging to stand out and grasp the attention of their readers, are about to receive some additional help.

Kenneth Fam Wencong

Kenneth Fam Wencong, a web developer and fellow blogger from Singapore, has created a new stock-charting tool that makes financial blogs more interactive. Wencong has made the product available as a free download on his site simplestockcharts.com.

Wencong’s code is a dream for financial bloggers and others with any interest in businesses and the stock market. Users are able to create a stock chart for any given stock ticker that shows how the stock has performed over time. It’s not only a pretty chart; the tool is interactive; as users click and drag the mouse over the chart, they can see all the relevant numbers at various points in time. Simplestockcharts makes it simple for anyone to set up interactive stock charts in their web pages. Early users have discovered the solution is truly a huge problem solver.

Some advantages of using the software are:

• Ease of Setup
Simplestockcharts is meant to be a plug-and-play solution for financial bloggers and financial portals. With little programming knowledge, one can implement with easy set up. It is as easy as setting up Google Analytics.

• The Service is Free
There are few financial charting services on the market that can be exported to third-party sites; fewer of them offering their services without a fee. There are no watermarks on Simplestockcharts; not even license restrictions. The product is completely free for commercial use.

• NativeBrowser Technology
Running purely on JavaScript, the workload is done client-side. This reduces server load for publishers; this means that publishers can reach out to a larger audience without large investments in hardware.

• Powered By Yahoo! & Google
Powered by Yahoo! and Google, no external database is required. Hence, it can be used for almost any financial asset. Financial bloggers that want to provide a detailed analysis of a given asset can easily use the tool to support their other content. Other solutions, open source or not, require a 3rd party data provider which can be extremely expensive.

• Cross Browser Compatible
Simplestockcharts was developed with HTML 5 and is compatible with all major browsers, so users will not have any problems with functionality.

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Wencong’s application was developed simply, similar in caseto a lot of excellent software, because he noticed a requirement on the market. He was unable to find an open source tool that could do the task effectively.

To see a preview of the stock chart and browse documentation for the API, visit http://www.simplestockcharts.com/. To contact the author, you can visit his personal site — http://famwencong.me/ where you can drop him a message or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Learning how to programme himself, people are hoping that Wencong continues to do coding projects like simplestockcharts.com in his spare time and then share them with the world. Other projects of his include guestposthouse.net, simplesmtpserver.com and simplewebsitedesigners.com.