A delightful grilling sensation with Jumbo Grill at Dunlop Street


Let’s get grill in this October at Jumbo Grill, a one-stop restaurant bar that brings popular skewers from all around the world to you. The Jumbo Grill serves a variety of scrumptious BBQ and grilled skewers from Turkish kebabs to Japanese yakitori, and Korean pork belly to Chinese skewers as well as our local skewers delights.

It was an amazing dining experience with my friends at the Jumbo Grill located at 42 Dunlop Street. We were first served with their signature Homemade Thai Ice Tea prepared by the boss himself and while waiting for our skewers to get grilled and BBQ-ed, we started off with our appetizer dish, the Salad Greens.

The fresh Salad Greens comes with Green lettuce, purple Lettuce, purple cabbage, pickled Zuccini & onion; cherry tomato dressed with extra Virgin olive oil & mixed herbs. It tastes refreshing and appetizing and it is definitely a good start before the grill dishes.

Thank you Jumbo Grill for the generous platter serving for our dinner. We had tried total of 8 skewers from Japanese yakitori, Korean Pork Belly, to Singapore’s favourite such as Satay chicken and Lamb skewers.

Singapore’s favourite: Satay Chicken

Indulge with the local all-time Singaporean favourite, Satay chicken is one of my favourite among all the skewers at Jumbo Grill. The tender and juicy Satay meats melt my mouth after a little dips on their signature Peanuts Satay sauce. It just tastes simply perfect for all Satay lovers!

Bacon-wrapped cherry tomato

Popping cherry juicy tomato that burst into your mouth immediately after the first bite, it mixed well with the freshly grilled Bacon, giving you the most mouthwatering sensation at Jumbo Grill.

Jumbo Grill hot seller: Lamb Skewers


Shiitake Mushroom


 Korean Pork Belly

Well-marinated Korean Pork Belly that suit Singaporean taste bud, and it goes well with the Premium beer served at Jumbo Grill too. It’s recommended!

My verdict:
My friends and I had a delightful dining experience at the Jumbo Grill. There was a wide variety of grilled and BBQed skewers for us to indulge in. Their meats were well-marinated and nicely cut making it look very appealing. They tasted good with their signature Peanut Satay sauce and Thai chilli, leaving an enjoyable aftertaste. I was specially in love with their flavourful homemade authentic Thai Ice Tea. Overall, Jumbo Grill is a brilliant place to chill out at with friends and I will definitely go back again!

Jumbo Grill Address Location:

42 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209370

Nearest MRT station: 5 minutes walk from Rochor MRT station
Opening hours: 
Monday – Saturday (12pm to 11pm) and Sunday (12pm to 8pm)
Contact: +65 9889 4802