YouTube FanFest 2015 Singapore Red Carpet


The atmosphere at this year’s YouTube Fan Fest was so amazing! The YouTube color (Red and White) really screams Singapore and hey, it’s feels like such an SG50 event where different you-tubers from around the world graced it. Held at Scape, the whole place was really polished and set-up which differs greatly from the usually skate park area where teens would hang.

Hundreds of Fans made their way to the red carpet area early just to get a selfie, a hug or even just to support their favorite YouTubers. After all, it’s not every day you get all the you-tubers in one place. Gracing the event this year was a total of 25 you-tubers from our very own Singapore to USA. Too many talents in one place!

As well as Wah Banana, NOC (Night Owl Cinematics) and 
Cheokboard Studios were there to meet their fans!

My personal favorite You-tuber outside of Singapore was BubzBeauty (Lindy) from Hong Kong/UK. Her first time here for Youtube Fan Fest and wow, everyone was just so captured by her petite frame and bubbly personality. Bubz (short form for bubbly) definitely fits her!
It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of them and simply just hugged and welcomes them to humid Singapore. It was truly and a night to remember!
Editor: Tse Lyn
Photographer: Derrick See