Wongamania The First Modern Financial Card Game


Are you sick of playing Monopoly card game or any strategic mind game? Well, introducing you guys ‘WONGAMANIA’ the first modern economic card game in the world. Since a month back, I have been playing this Wongamania card game with my group of friends and I find it very useful when applying the game strategic into the real life situation.

So what does Wongamania means?
Wonga is a British slang for money and the origin of the word can be traced to ancient Roman period. Mania stands for an abnormally elevated arousal energy level. So if you put them together, it stands for “Money Mania” or “Excited Money”. In any case, Wongamania sounds much cooler than Moneymania anyway.

I was born with no financial background but investment is one of the interesting activities I wanted to try out in life. Despite of having a reality action, why not try out the basic skill in virtual situation by using Wongamania card game?

The objective of Wongamania is that it created as a financial education game that helps adults to understand more about economics and how various economics events will affect them and their investments. The game is designed in such a way, that participants without any financial background can play and enjoy the game.

After leading off by the creator of Wongamania, I could say that this card game were user-friendly and straightforward to the players. Wongamania card game is design for 2 to 6 person per game, there are total of 13 Professional Cards, 27 Incident Cards, 26 Global Cards, 54 Asset Cards, 13 Trust Fund, 4 Market Cycle, 6 Bank Instructions , 1 Economic Token.

Everyone started off with a BANKER CARD on Set! 

With the rule and procedure set in this game, everyone will be starting off with a BANKER CARD on set, follow by having ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Trust Fund’ Cards. The winning rule of this game is very simple as ‘8 WONGA’ is equivalent to ‘1 Trust Fund’ card and first player to obtain 3 Trust Fund Cards wins the game!

This card game will help build up your thinking skill!

Wongamania card game make you focus on your decision making.

What is the Education Value of Wongamania?
“One of the main feature of Wongamania is the economic cycle. The economic cycle is divided into 4 phrases: Recovery, Growth, Stagnant and Recession. In the game, the players’ fortunes are heavily influence by where the economy is heading towards. Likewise, in the real world, the rise and fall of the global economy will affect the investments and incomes of individuals. Through Wongamania, we hope to educate the public on how to recognize the phrases of an economic cycle, and what are the financially sounds decisions to make at any point of time.”

Wongamania card game relates to reality situation.

My friends and I had a few round of Wongamania card game during our leisure gathering. Throughout the game journey, it has improved my financial decision making expertise as well as experiencing the virtual direction of ‘property’ and ‘stock’ investment. Hence, playing Wongamania card game will make you realise that “Fate lies in your own hands” and the only way to outcast your opponents is to think SMART and be DARING!

Seem like caught cheating? xD

Getting trust fund card to win the game!

Either you kill your enemy or your enemy kill you.

But sometimes helping your friends is helping yourself too.

I love Wongamania because it is an interesting and addictive financial card game in the world! Despite of winning or losing the game, every round of game was an experience to me in gaining a certain level of my financial skills. PS: I WON a few round of Wongamania Game within this ONE MONTH!!! ^^

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