5 Musical Starter Kits to Prepare for the Singapore Laneway 2018

laneway 2018

Laneway 2018

With Laneway coming up in a few weeks, one can’t help but look forward to an impressive lineup of performances including more local and regional performances. As we count down to the first music festival to kick-start the year, we decided to prepare a starter kit of essentials to pack this January 27th based on song lyrics. We actually deciphered the lyrics of the top 5 popularly searched Laneway music acts according to this and listed down how you can prepare for the festival of the year.

Singapore Laneway 2018

Laneway Starter Kit Tip 1: Never Forget your Powerbank!

Song Reference: Heals – False Alarm

It won’t be a false alarm once your smartphone is down to 10% in battery life. Before heading out, make sure your phone and powerbank are fully charged. Like they usually say, if there’s no picture or video, there’s no proof you were at Laneway!

Laneway Starter Kit Tip 2: Always Choose Sturdy Shoes

Song Reference: Bonobo – Break Apart

With Singapore’s unpredictable weather – one second it can be raining! – be sure to wear comfortable and waterproof boots. If not, count on it you will be crying as you watch your favourite strappy sandals, in the words of Bonobo, break apart.

Laneway Starter Kit Tip 3: Pack Sunglasses

Song Reference: Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes

Since you will be spending the whole day out in the sun (if it doesn’t rain), make sure to shield your skin with SPF15 and your eyes with a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Laneway Starter Kit Tip 4: Keep Your OOTD’s Trendy & Appropriate

Song Reference: Mac Demarco- Baby’s wearing blue jeans

Trust us, nobody survives Laneway by standing around all day. In case you forget to bring a picnic mat, try to stick with denim shorts or blue jeans. At least you won’t have much trouble cleaning up your outfit! Also, shorts and jeans will definitely guarantee you won’t have a peek-a-boo moment while you’re sitting on the grass. It would be a smart move to bring along sanitizers and wipes for these reasons too.

Laneway Starter Kit Tip 5: Bring On the Good Vibes

Song Reference: The War on Drugs – Best Night

You can be prepared all you want but the most important thing is to be able to enjoy yourself at the festival.