Popular Artistes at a-nation Singapore Concert


Japan’s largest music festival has made its debut in Singapore right last Saturday! Bringing the best of Japan’s music and festival, a-nation has just completed its tour in Taiwan in September and now right here in Singapore at the MasterCard Theaters, Marina Bay Sands. 

Traditionally, a-nation concert is held at various cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Hokkaido and many others. It is great that Singapore is chosen as the first place to come in South East Asia. The Singapore stop of a-nation features artists from not just Japan, but Taiwan and Singapore too!

I was quite excited as the performers line-up include Ayumi Hamasaki ! She is the legend of JPop! So we went into the MasterCard Theaters. The seat we got was at the first row of the viewing gallery so we have a clear sight of the performers!

Stella Seah was the first artist to perform. One of the songs she sang and I like is her rendition of the 新瑶 (xin yao) 我们这一班 (wo men zhe yi ban). Her voice is pretty good!
Next up, Wagakkiband took the stage! Featuring traditional Japanese instruments, the band uses them in their performance and rock the stage! The band members wore costumes that feature Japanese motifs which were beautiful! A mixture of music and fashion indeed!

Aaron Yan from Taiwan also brought new songs like 一刀不剪, 多余的我 from his latest albums Drama and Cut to serenade his fans! I could hear fans shouting his name when he was performing. 

Sonar Pocket, a trio from Japan also performed four of their songs! They brought up the mood in the hall with their ソナポケ Disco (Sona Poke Disco), a fun dance song.
The fashion show featured Japanese models Alissa Yagi, Lena Fuji, Michi Omori, Nicole Ishida, TACHIBANA ERI, Yui Sakuma, and Yuuka Suzuki on showcase. Kawaii ne!

For those who know EXILE TRIBE should know GENERATIONS. With an average age of 20, they brought youthfulness to the stage with their carefully choreographed dance moves and beautiful voice. Some of the songs they performed include english versions of HOT SHOT, Love You More among others.
m-flo came as the second last performers for the night. With their music such as gET oN!, ALIVE, they got the audience all warmed up for the last performer of the night.

That is right! Ayumi Hamasaki! Even before she took the stage, her fans were chanting ayu~ ayu~. We waited a while for the stage to be setuped but that is all worth it! When she came out, all the fans screamed! She began the stage with STEP you, and brought some of her best songs such as XOXO, A Song for XX, Memorial address, Love Song,  Lelio, You & Me, SUR ~ evo ~ SUR. and ended with how beautiful you are. She had an encore of Boy & Girls. A total of 10 songs! I guess the fans here are thrilled with her performing so many songs at a-nation!
The concert ended after her stage. It was a present evening with a mix of Japanese music and fashion, not forgetting Taiwan and Singapore music too! It was a lovely concert that I hope it will return again to Singapore!

Photos of artists credit 
RE:MAKE Photography 
(for Sonar Pocket) 
Lenne Chai 
(all other artists)