The Yellow Dead Crab


First Day of May 2009,
Family Picnic at pasir ris beach,
Some Interesting Occur…

Hello People! time passed like F1 speed…So fast and here it come the 1st day of May 2009! haha, Happy Labour Day to everyone who visiting here! xD So happy to say that this week got 3 resting days…but for me, not really resting cos will be going out attending things within these 3 days… haha

What the plan for movie in First week of MAY? I gonna watch Star Trek and X-Men Origins Wolverine. Heard tat this 2 movie review not bad…and i guess i will be writing out the review on these 2 movies Next week! Stay tune! xD

So..what i did during my first day of MAY, the labour day?… Resting for blogging? no way! haha…still continue blogging! bleah bleah bleah~

Today Morning, fine cooling weather and my family brought up a gathering on Family Picnic at pasir ris beach! Reached there around 10am plus, setting up and get ready to have fun! lols, my cousin they all went to beach and catch some “creature” but one thing make it look interesting is tat, they found a yellow crab! The colour of the crab was nice but sad to say that it was the dead crab…

After having my breakfast and taking few photo on photography natural, me and my cousin proceed on to rent bicycle as we want to RIDE on THE Pasir Ris Park “hill”…lols Rented for 2hrs and as usual, we explore the whole park by cycling from point A to point B. After 2hrs, i proceed on to my photography shooting..haha, *so sry* i like to take picture everywhere i go…*View the picture below*

Afterall, i find this was the great family gathering, however, the next big family gathering we plan to go Malaysia for family trip! haha…i cant wait tat day to come lor…been waiting for so long liao…haha…

Well, tml saturday and wad going on??? YESSS!!! Blogger/Nuffnanger Gathering is here! cant wait to see everyone faces..lols…As the theme said… “Turn Online Friends to Reallife Friends”, i hope everyone can enjoy tml the gathering…I not sure whether is fun anot because i know is sure confirm FUN de! *After attended the past few gathering review* LOL! So people! Cya Soon!

For your more information, i am attending the Nuffnang Star Trek Movie screening this coming monday! I want to thank nuffies raine for the tickets again! =)

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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