Why i and you should blog


My Blue Feeling Blogging,
Why i and you should blog…

Hello people! welcome the fresh monday here! Today actually dunno what to blog about but i still keep on writing because I LOVE BLOGGING! haha…Well, Somehow feeling blue today…maybe is monday COMMON mood feeling for everyone…After so many or much of HOT day…today it finally rain! haha…weather turned cool and i am happily sitting in the office working…xD Recently my post make you all feel hungry, So…Lets have some blue post today! *see below* *wink*

Why I and You Should Blog
Blogging is a way to extract your feeling in word or picture…Do you agree? haha, we blog because we wan to share and make our life more interesting. Here question again…Why we share? Maybe here the answer, we share because we want the others (public) to know more about us…know the feel of blogging…I guess different blogger have their own style in blogging it..For example Weijie and Shufen. Both totally different blog, different style of post BUT they end up sharing interesting things. haha… But one question to everyone: HOW LONG YOU TAKE TO WRITE OUT UR POST? *you may reply at my Tag-Chat Box* ^^

Well, some people ask me…Why i blog everyday? haha..actually not everyday la…As i said, Only Monday to Saturday blog and Sunday my off day from blogging unless interesting thing happen…lols, Is a habit to blog everyday once you get use to it! My standard post will be like, Food/Phone/Movie review,event,advertorial and some personal post…haha…After blogging so long le, i hope one day my blog will be out in newspaper! xD

However, i should say, time flies really fast…Every month of day 11 i sure give a post on this…Likewise for today 11/05, 2 month later it will be 11/07! haha..what happen? is my day to turn 19th!!! lols…Maybe this time….haha *opps*

Alright, Is Time to sleep..*Yawn* After the working life in NYP, the next P i will be going to will be TP!! woohoo…so happy tat is near my hus and i wake up late *abit* haha…Hope i have fun working in TP ^_^ cya Friends!

Tats all for today!
Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD
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