Rather Funny than Lonely


AsiaSoft Gamefair @ suntec city.
Happy Birthday To Nicholas Chong, Kenneth and Jackie Tan!
Want my day be more funny than lonely
Wow, 3 of my friends birthday happen on today. Here my wish for urs birthday! All the best in wad u doing now as well as future! For Nicholas Chong and Kenneth, finally you two are 18 yrs old, can go pub,club and watch M18 movie liao…haha

Today, morning was kinda bored, online surfing net while listening to 王力宏 and 羅志祥 new album song. My rate on these 2 album, i like 羅志祥[潮男正传] more than 王力宏[心·跳] this time. Some song from [潮男正传] album such as 撑腰,高调爱,第二顺位,搞笑,个中强手,幸福不灭,假如你还在这里, lols…almost every song i like ar…unlike 王力宏[心·跳] album song, i only like 心跳,另一个天堂,玩偶,脚本…Well, i can said like 羅志祥 song had make a great improvment this time compare to last year album..haha… AND the MV for 个中强手 was pretty amazing! i will post it up soon later~ xD 加油~

Afternoon, after my lunch, I decided to go down to Sony Ericsson service center to take back my SE phone after one week of service. So went down and took back my phone. Next decided to call Terrence Ang out for shopping. lols, After 2 to 3 week of holiday, i finally called Terrence out le…He said my today “分量大” tats why can call him out easily today…diao..”分量大”? 真的吗?哈哈。。

Met him around 3pm plus and first we shop at Tampines mall first..but too sian liao, so we took MRT down to Cityhall.

Shopping inside Suntec city and we saw ASIASOFT GameFair. lols, i guess people who played maple,cabal,audition or sudden attack will know wad is asiasoft game about. So, Me and Terrence took a walked at there…Took one cabal goodies bag and 4 maple poster! and so 巧 that i saw Fu Wang at there too! haha…, Had some food at mcd den decided to go other place. As my good friend Terrence Ang, Somehow dunno why he less come out from hus, therefore i bring him to take a tour on SG national museum,Fulleton Hotel and merlion. lols, he told me that today his first time go there…hmm? *半信半疑*

During that time was 7pm plus already. Took some picture along our way…haha, Terrence dunno why, after watching the little Nyonya drama, he become more crazy! So called me act as Robert Zhang and he act as Charlie Zhang…WTF? LOL! but seriously say, he acting voice on Charlie Zhang really look alike on TV…hahaha…Laughing all way long~ bleah~ Afterall, we went home around 7.45pm like tat…Crap joke on the train and thinking of new joke…hehe, *need to update my joke liao*. xD

Alright, Stop here for today post…Thank for ur reading and viewing!
TakeCare peeps! xD

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