OMY The Next Big Blog event


Omy: The Next Big Blog Gathering event

Picture Thank to: Weijie & Samantha

Hello people! Is Monday but my monday this time not blue…*maybe in the morning* lols, Anyway, Today was a great day whereby Me and Weijie was invited to the ‘The next big blog’ gathering event.

Morning, went to meet weijie at plaza sing for breakfast…Eaten breakfast long john sliver, the Texas Chicken meal and it taste really nice! lols quite full too…After that due to time still early, we went into arcade to have some game before heading to national museum.

Time around 11.30am, we walked toward to national museum, heading into The Salon…setter down and waiting for the event to start. haha, Me and weijie not really know those blogger there other than boon ming. lols… *feel very strange?* somemore most of them are young bloggers!

Food Buffet for lunch…Event started from Y-bloggist award followed by Best youth blog award…During the ceremony, sitting beside a guy call yong wei, he somehow dunno why, randomly will shout “yay!” “woohoo!” “wow”…lols…He too hyper till ki siao liao la!!! lols…Lucky i still young, if not sure kena heart attack de…hahaha….Once again, congrats to those winner! haha..their blog really great! xD

After the award ceremony, time to take photo…
Enjoy those picture below ^^

Me and Weijie

Me and Boon Ming

Me,Yong wei and Weijie

A Photo with PeiQi

Picture with Samantha and Cheryl

He encourage us to blog more!
Blogging is another way to express yourself!

After the whole event end, we went to plaza sing starbuck and chill there for some drink and chat. Well, great gathering with some blogger i knew today…However, thank to for the invitation! Without this invitation, i wont get to know so many interesting young bloggers! haha…In future, if got chance, i would like to attend again! ^_^

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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