Mission Plan


Some people say Singapore customer service not really good, some people say is just ok, some people say the service cannot make it…

During my school holiday, I decided to hunt around different kind of Singapore places to test different type of customer service where Singaporean or foreigners usually do….

Some of my friends do agree with me that the service where Singaporean toward foreigner, their attitudes might be polite, give them the best service they can but unlike when Singaporean visit a place, the attitudes might be different.

As a campaign called “Are you being served?” Is this service been served or not? Well, I decided to come out a plan to test out the service in a café…Very unique places therefore I also gathered some friends to follow me along this campaign trip…Hunting down the bad and good service….!

Not much to say now…I will share with you guy my experience soon…!
Which café I visiting?
How was their service?
Are they being served?
Result will be out soon!