The Miss Milky


The MilkyBar with double berry

Hello people! finally here come thursday and i am looking forward, toward this coming weekend! woohoo! Internship recently was fine to me…more new things learned and more exciting happenend with my working people…Yesterday and Today, went over to NTUC fairprice and brought a chocolate along…haha wad chocolate is that?

As a chocolate lover, No matter normal,dark or white chocolate, as long as it can keep me awake during my working time..i am happy with it! haha…Yes! Not long ago, just as recently as yesterday, I brought a white chocolate from nestle product and is called as ‘MilkyBar with Double Berry’. The taste of it is somehow like raspberry ice-cream! like it alot! haha…As for today, i brought another one called ‘MilkyBar with milk and cookies’. Both taste is awesome and it give the real milk taste of the chocolate…For your more info…Milkybar is a white chocolate confection that is produced by Nestle…xD

Woohoo! Days past fast and i still left with 21 days for my internship! Working happy, Live happy, outing happy! Gonna blog more as days pass by…today post kinda short due to my pack time! But people! do go try out the milkybar with double berry taste! Enjoy eating it, tasting it,touching it but not drinking it! haha…

Tats all for today…
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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