Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
The Cake celebration under the Moon…

Hello people! First of all, happy mid-autumn festival to everyone! Have you exchange your mooncake? haha..This year, my first time celebrate mid-autumn with bloggers! Thank to OMY.sg for the mid-autumn celebration invitation at Hua Song Museum!

Yesterday, met Yi Zhang as my guest to this event…We reached Haw Par villa kinda early and this my second time visit haw par villa after 15 years! omg…lols…We followed the guide given, walked toward the Hua Song Museum.

Reached Hua Song Museum…As first time visiting, we explored the museum provided a mini guide information from Riley while waiting for the rest to reach…Event started at 7 pm, buffet dinner,mooncake,lantern and calligraphy…those fun activities happened at Wanlu Tang (inside hua song museum)!

After that, we were given a tour at the museum…I find it quite interesting as the history of the museum allow us to have a better view on how past 19th-20th century people survive and till now the 21th century…The culture of chinese had change every different century. There one quote said that: ‘When there is water, There are chinese’. I find it quite true too!

As a conclude, Thank to Omy for the invitation once again…Met some new blogger friends there as well as some from NHC. Did enjoy and have lots of fun at the mid-autumn celebration…kids were cute with holding lantern, however me and my blogger friends also join in as well! haha…Afterall, i call it a day.