Final Destination 4 Review


Final Destination 4 (3D) Review
Movie Outing with Usual Group!

Hello people! I’m back! haha…How your weekend for this week? Are you feeling normal or bloody? lols…For me, i feel kinda “Bloody” due to yesterday Final Destination 4 (3D) movie outing with usual blogger group!

Weijie,Mel,Don,Qianyi,stephen,josh and me decided to watch FD4 in 3D during yesterday evening at Orchard Shaw Lido…Before the movie start, we went to have our dinner at KFC (Joyce stella Tag us along) and here the funniest part, speech by QIANYI! While ordering KFC, she was asking for the counter people to give her DRUM and BREAST! Unfortunately the counter just replied her “the breast had sold finish”.

Next Josh went to buy KFC (buddy meal) and it result turn out that receiving the DRUM and BREAST from the counter. lols, Den QianYi say this sentence ‘How come He got Breast and i NO Breast’…At this moment, Me,Don,Stephen,Joyce Stella and Josh was keep on Laughing cos the sentence she said sound very wrong! hahaha….Qianyi kena owned till dunno what she can say. Btw, Josh had eaten his ‘Hen Hen’ Burger! lols

Anyway, we all brought buddy meal where by i share with josh, Qianyi with Don, stephen den joyce. After dinner, was having some gossip chat and took some photo before we went into the cinema…*so excited watching in 3D* Few min later, We went in the threater together with our 3D glasses put on it. Very cool, was sitting at the back somemore! haha…

Final Destination 4 (3D) Review
Final Destination…if you have watch part 1,2 and 3…you will know notice that all the people will die at the ending scence. Likewise goes to Final Destination 4. As i was watching it in 3D method, the action of the blood spliting,head flying off,everything which can pass through body…was…not very nice BUT very shiok! hahaha….

In 3D, we can see the blood fly infront ur face and some internal body part…Look kinda RAW but it is…The sound effect of ‘pish’, ‘gosh’ ‘liquid brain juice’ and ‘fleshy heart’…OMG…are you feeling vomiting now? lols

Overall, i rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars. If you think the story just started or being change? Please think again! muhahahaa…..The Destination never end till the last owner die!

Movie ended around 10pm…we all slack at Shaw Mcd while waiting for joyce and yingzi to arrival. haha…Me and josh brought a coffee along and soon later joyce and yingzi came with their ‘mini’ wine…It ended up, my left cup coffee and right cup wine..In chinese *要睡不睡,要醉不醉* haha…We played a game called ‘murderers’ idea by yingzi and was quite fun! haha…*Qianyi did a 10sec flashmob at Shaw* At last, we took the last train home and i call it a day.

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  1. GreenApple: 哈哈,还好啦,大概每周末会见一次面。。final destination movie 真的不错 哈哈,但现在想看 G-Force Movie! :)

  2. Hi,
    You may see it then understand everything why i am saying to see it…Once again, a group of pretty young things who have escaped the opening disaster proceed to die, one by one, as fate catches up with them.