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Cappuccino Cheese Cake
Tml nuffnang movie screening

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Oh, here come another monday. Some of the student had started their school and some still having their holiday. For me, i still having my holiday mood and wondering wad to blog about today. Maybe next few paragraph may answer my question…
A very free day, which is today, where by woke up early and thinking of what to blog about it. Decided to write something related to Coffee and cake, So i went online gathered some picture and information before i blog it out. Likewise today topic will be Cappuccino Cheese Cake! xD

Well, Talks about “expensive” coffee, i prefer cappuccino more than latte. First time, drinking cappuccino which happened few years ago at starbuck. One thing impress me was the taste of cappuccino which make me wanted to drink it again. haha. Alright, let see the different between latte and cappuccino.

Latte Cappuccino Different
A latte is a coffee beverage prepared with espresso shots, steamed milk, and a very thin layer of milk foam on top. Flavors are also sometimes added.
A cappuccino is a coffee beverage prepared with espresso shots, half steamed milk and half milk foam. Cappuccino’s can also be made “wet”, meaning with more than the usual amount of steamed milk, or “dry” meaning with more than the usual amount of milk foam.
Cappuccino/Cheese Cake
Seriously speaking, In my life, i only ate two or three piece before, cos the price of a cappuccino cake is too costly…Each Piece cost around 5 -6 bucks. However, i still like it! hope one day can eat this cappuccino cake again! hehe… Cheese cake, use to eat often in my life. I think i can consume any flavour of cheese cake easily and i dont mind ppl giving me a ton of cheese cake! hahaha…

So people, what type of coffee and cake you like the most? You can simply drop your comment inside my Tag-chat box! haha…Not yet ending…

Morning, i received an email from nuffnang said that, i won a pair of tickets to confession of shopaholic movie screening which will held tml at plaza sing GV. woohoo…After MIA so long for nuffnang movie, now here a chance again to watch movie with nuffnanger. haha, cya nuffnanger there tml! xD

Tats all for today,
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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