8 Instagram-worthy OOTD Places in Legoland Malaysia


A tremendous fun weekend spent with my group of friends at the Legoland Malaysia located in Nusajaya, the southern tips of Johor Bahru. Courtesy to the Legoland Malaysia and my friend’s Jasper from Premium Travel Magazine for the warm extended invitation for us to witness the live spectacular Star Wars parade and enjoyed a series of lively activities in Legoland Malaysia.

While waiting for the Lego Star Wars Days post-event article to be published, let me bring you a short walkthrough at Legoland Malaysia, whereby the places are Instagram-worthy for OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Well, when you step into the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park, you definitely need a semi-pro camera to capture a professional Lego Bricks shot!

Here are the 8 Instagram-worthy OOTD Places in Legoland Malaysia:

1) The Beginning
The Legoland experience stars at The Beginning, the entrance area to the Legoland theme park.  You will never miss this entrance!

2) Parallel bridge at the Beginning
If you have stepping to the Legoland, you will realised that the accessible “zone” are separated from the connector within their territory that link you from one themed to another.

3) Legoland Express
If you are thinking where the Lego train is comes from? Here is it! The starting point of the Lego Train is from the Legoland Express. Click here to see the result!
4) Entrance of the Castle Stage
Transport yourself to the age of myth and legend in LEGO® KINGDOMS. Cross the drawbridge into the royal castle, but get ready for the Dragon to give you a wild ride.
5) Beside the Shipyard
In between the street of the Shipyard and the Legoland Express is a typical center junction which allowed you to take street-portrait photography.
6) Legoland Railway Track
Be creative or to be different from the others? Walk into the Railway and snap yourself in it! But beware of the Legoland train! Safety first!
7) Fountain at the Legoland Express
In front of Legoland Express, there is the beautiful fountain for visitors to have a quick rest before proceed on to the next destination.
8) Lego wheel at The Beginning Entrance
A huge Lego wheel is welcoming you into the Legoland theme park! This is a good spot for visitors who want to take a profile shot. The background of the Lego wheel will give you a different element of composition in photography.