Dream Big Singapore HP SG50 Media Launch

To celebrate SG50, HP, Intel and Microsoft are launching Dream Big Singapore #HPSG50. What is it all about?
Participants can share their dreams for Singapore and 50 lucky winners will win a Wearable Pride t-shirt. One lucky winner will win the new HP Pavilion x2. Also, when you purchase selected HP devices at participating retail outlets nation-wide, you can get a free Wearable Pride t-shirt. 
How do these t-shirts look like?
Andre Wee’s Tembusu
Joseph Chiang’s Dragon Playground
Ben Qwek’s Chinese Provision Shop

HP and Intel have collaborated with the top 10 leading local artists from Organisation of Illustrators Council to create these t-shirts. Artists involved in this collaboration include Ben Qwek, Eeshaun, Mindflyer, Kristal Melson, Adeline Tan, AnnGee, Joseph Chiang, Yan Rong, Jing Hu and Andre Wee.

To highlight the possibilities of pushing the limits, four well known Singaporean artists will be featured in an exciting Dream Big Singapore #HPSG50 video to show how they are following their dreams. They include Michael Ng, Sylvia Chan, Benjamin Kheng and Ben Qwek.

Watch it here: