Bangkok 4D3N Trip Day 2: Chinatown Tour in BKK


The next morning, woke up from my comfortable sleep and enjoyed a deluxe breakfast at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn Hotel and we were ready to explore our day 2 trip in Bangkok. But first, let me take a selfie! Hahaha

Woot! Guess what! This was my first time taking Tuk-Tuk ride in Bangkok! Tuk Tuk, also known as the ‘three-wheeled’; it was originating from an old fashioned rickshaw during the Second World War, thus for now, it is a very common transport service for local and tourists in Bangkok.

We visited the Chinatown (Yaowarat) in Bangkok! This is one of the popular tourist attraction and food heaven in BKK. I had a good time walking along the vibrant roadside of Chinatown, looking at some of the market stall and had a good meal with friends at their street-side restaurant.

Hmm… Where to go…? xD

Therefore, we spent our Morning visiting Wat Traimit, known as the temple of the Golden Buddha. This is one of their prominent Chinese temples in Chinatown Bangkok. Hence, we gave our prayer and respect to the golden Buddha in temple for good health and wealth.

Bought my favourite jackfruits in BKK! Yummy! ^^

Where and what to eat in Chinatown Bangkok? Well, most of us who have been to Bangkok will know that in BKK Chinatown is full of ‘Shark’s Fin’ and ‘Bird’s Nest’ along the street-side restaurant. Thus, we decided to dine-in at Lao Li Shark’s Fin Restaurant for our lunch.

Lao Li Shark’s Fin is located on 457 – 461 Yaowarat Road, it is a Chinese Restaurant specializing in goat meat, bird’s nest soup, shellfish and sea cucumber and of course their signature Shark’s Fin Soup. My friends and I had a delighted lunch feast with delicious Shark’s Fin Soup and Chilli Crab. It’s definitely a recommended restaurant to dine-in for lunch and dinner.

Spotted A&W in BKK! Like the cute bear! hahaha

To end my second day trip in Bangkok, I am satisfied with the transportation in Bangkok. I enjoyed my first ever Tuk Tuk ride but before taking up the ride, remember to quote the price from the Tuk Tuk driver. It is to prevent you get scam from their service. Overall, I can say that Bangkok is easy to navigate your way around. Cheers! ^^

No matter how dark the night, morning always comes. And our journey begins anew.