AFA 2011 – Anime Festival Asia 2011 in Singapore


Anime Festival Asia 2011 in Singapore – AFA 2011 Day 2 at Suntec City convention hall was super crowded filled up at the total of more than thousands of people at the age of young teenagers! Visitor bring on their enthusiastic expression as dress up and cosplay their favorite anime character and showcase another side of their personality toward the photographer as well as the audience at the convention hall.

In Anime Festival Asia 2011 this year in Singapore, it was a great improvement of the event setup booth and the overall event guide was well planned. More booth were selling Japanese item such as clothes, display toys, merchandise, card game and etc… and also more photo opportunity for the visitor to capture their great moment.

Enthusiastic Cosplayers has show up their best dress as well as their best post of their favourite character in this AFA2011. Likewise, it has also has shown the percentage of young teenagers interest nowadays. It was amazing to see those Cosplayers who did a hard work in designing their dress and I am really impressed in their good effort.

Through this AFA 2011 tour, I also managed to see my favourite anime character such as Gundam, Sakura, One piece and also the AKB48 store!! Woot! It was a fancy bump into friends and readers at the convention hall. Captured down many nice anime toys display pictures and I pretty love it too! ^^

The largest Southeast Asia Anime Festival in Singapore gave me an eye opening on how Japan cultures maintain it trendy kind of creation and every display or anime item of their design were distinctive and exclusive.

Last but not least, I hope everyone has a great weekend visiting the Anime Festival Asia 2011 and hope you guys had enjoyed seeing the pictures above here! *Smiles*


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