Yun Nam Hair Care Reviews: Top 7 Surprising Causes of Hair Loss

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It is normal to shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, but if you’re losing more than that, it may be time to find out the root cause of the problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, hair loss can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or just part of the ageing process. However, your hair loss problems may be due to surprising causes that many may not know. Here’s a review of the top surprising reasons for hair loss by Yun Nam Hair Care experts.

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1. Your hair is getting too much sun.

Overexposure to sunlight can be damaging to the hair. Research has found that when subject to prolonged sun exposure, the outer layer of the hair strand, also known as the cuticle, can be damaged by Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. This damage exacerbates the problem and allows rays and heat to penetrate deeper into the hair, causing permanent damage that results in discolouration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning and frizz.

Hair experts at Yun Nam Hair Care, who reviewed many clients with such hair conditions, suggest the importance of protecting and nourishing the hair with products like Yun Nam Hair Care’s Protein Essence, which aims to neutralise the effect of oxidative stress in the hair while repairing and restoring hair cuticles for more manageable hair.

2. It’s genetic.

Your genes play a significant role in the intensity of hair loss as you age. Hereditary hair loss mainly occurs in a predictable pattern commonly referred to as male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness (FPB). MPB usually starts with an M-shaped recession on the front of the scalp and occurs as early as in the 20s. On the other hand, FPB often begins with thinning hair at the part line or on the top of the head.

Even though these conditions are typically triggered by genetics, there are still ways to slow down or prevent full-blown baldness. After reviewing many clients for genetic hair loss, Yun Nam Hair Care specialists found that maintaining a nutritious diet and avoiding stress-inducing hairstyles like tight ponytails and braids are the best ways to slow down the hair thinning process.

3. You just gave birth.

It is not uncommon for new moms to notice drastic hair loss a few months after having a baby. Post-natal hair loss is a normal process and not a permanent condition. Yun Nam Hair Care reviews show that post-natal hair loss comes after a significant loss of hormones within a short period. Thankfully, such hair loss is temporary and can be reversed.

A simple way to manage such hair loss problems is to give your hair and scalp a break with gentler hair products and treatments during the affected period. Reducing the use of volumising or conditioning shampoos that weigh down the hair and skipping high-heat styling devices or chemical-based treatments like dying and perming will also help maintain healthier hair during this phase.

4. You’re not getting enough nutrients in your diet.

Maintaining a healthy diet is not only crucial for good health and vitality, but it’s also important for your hair wellness. Insufficient nutrients in the body impair the ability of the cells in your hair follicles to divide and multiply quickly, resulting in weaker hair and scalp health.

It’s also important to watch your protein intake – too little protein in your diet may damage healthy hair and inhibit your body’s ability to build new hair follicles. On the other hand, a lack of nutrients such as vitamin B, zinc, and iron can also disrupt the hair growth cycle and cause hair follicles to go into premature hibernation, followed by excess hair fall. This is why those who adopt an imbalanced diet or drastically reduce their food intake for weight loss purposes often experience excessive hair loss quite suddenly.

5. You’re experiencing hormonal changes.

When going through hormonal changes, such as during the menopausal stage, the lowered production of estrogen and progesterone can cause significant hair growth issues. These hormones are essential for helping the hair grow faster and stronger, so a drop in these hormones can quickly trigger an increase in the production of androgens, which in turn shrink hair follicles to cause hair loss.

The good news is hair loss of this nature is treatable if you’re willing to seek professional help. Yun Nam Hair Care experts who have reviewed numerous female clients going through menopause found Yun Nam’s treatment for menopausal hair loss extremely beneficial. The process uses traditional herbs to regulate hormones and replenish nutrients in hair follicles, naturally promoting hair growth.

6. You’re very stressed.

Stress is the root cause of many emotional and physical problems – hair loss included. High-stress levels can trigger three typical hair loss problems: Telogen Effluvium, which puts large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase that instigates sudden hair fall; Trichotillomania, an irresistible urge to pull out hair from the scalp; and Alopecia Areata, which is an autoimmune disorder that usually results in unpredictable, patchy hair loss.

Fortunately, stress-induced hair loss is typically temporary and can improve with reduced stress levels. While it’s almost impossible to avoid stressors in our lives, medical care and improved lifestyle choices such as working out, eating right and adopting relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help improve stress levels. If that doesn’t help, it’s always advisable to seek the help of a professional like Yun Nam Hair Care for a hair and scalp review.

7. Hair appliances are damaging your hair.

When your hair is regularly straightened and styled with high heat devices, it starts to weaken, increasing the risk of permanent damage. It’s also crucial not to use these heat-inducing tools on wet hair since they can cause a lot of damage by boiling the water in the hair shaft, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage.

If you have no choice but to use heating tools, prepping the hair with a good heat protectant will help fortify strands against overheating. Setting your heat styling tools to a lower setting can also reduce the chance of burning your hair and if possible, limit heat styling to two or three times a week to give your hair enough time to recover between each session.

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