You’re Invited!


Hello to all Nuffnanger! My usual group here once again is organizing an outing at 21th september 2009 (Public Holiday). Detail has written above on the image itself! Blogger who wanna attend, Please RSVP through my Comment below or Tag box on the right.
Organizer for this outing by: Joyce (Forest)
Supported by Me and my Usual Group Member!


  1. LayMin: haha yea, first gathering at beach…dunno how it goes lor..xD wanna join? 😀

    wen pink: lols date not i choose de ^^ cos tat day is public holiday 😛

  2. wennie – dont be sad lor… you in sg liao and can see most of the sg blogger there.

    i here stuck in office and even though its public holiday on 21st i need to work also !

    T_T so sad

  3. Hello people! Invitation for this beach party had extend to unlimited of people! Hope more ppl could join us in this gathering…Thank once again…

    Anyone who interested to join this gathering,You may Email to: