Your Perfect Pineapple Tarts Taste for Chinese New Year 2020

Mala Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year 2020

In just exactly less than a month to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY) 2020! What are your favourite CNY goodies? Well, I love eating pineapple tarts even not during the lunar festive season. In the past, my favourite pineapple tarts were the original flavour. Today, I am going to share with you a new interesting flavour freshly handmade by Pineapple Tarts Singapore.

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

What is Pineapple Tarts Singapore?

Pineapple Tarts Singapore is a local company specialising in Pineapple Tarts and a wide variety of CNY goodies. These include our traditional favourites love letters, cookies, prawn rolls, crackers and more. All their products are hand-rolled and handmade freshly with premium ingredients.

Previously they had come out with original, cheese, and salted egg Pineapple Tarts flavours to suit the local taste buds. This year, they have launched their very own Mala Pineapple Tarts flavours which in line with the current food trend. The Mala Pineapple Tarts consists of a savoury spicy melt-in-the-mouth crust coupled with a sweet-sour tangy pineapple paste in the center.

Mala Pineapple Tarts flavours


My initial thought was that the Mala flavour will give a weird taste because I have been eating the original flavour for decades years. However, I was wrong! After eating a few pieces of Mala Pineapple Tarts, I find that the spicy aftertaste was interesting. The pineapple tart crust is crispy and crunchy and is highly addictive melted into my mouth. Just imagine eating pineapple with chili! Overall, it is something that can spice up your CNY 2020.

Are you looking for Pineapple Tarts as a gift for your relatives, friends or colleagues? Pineapple Tarts Singapore shop is located at 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109. Well, is the location too far for you? No worries, they have also operated through an e-commerce platform You will still be able to purchase your favourite CNY goodies online and it will deliver to you on the same day.

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