Recycling With A Heart


As a part of doing recycling and keep the earth green, YEO’s has successfully launched their new theme – “YEO’S Cares for Singapore – Recycling with a Heart” and a charity project by our Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, to promote the youth development in Singapore.

This year, YEO’s is focusing on the theme of environmental awareness by introducing the reinvention of recycling through art, to redefine the way people view recycling and trash collection.

During the YEO’s event itself, other than displaying YEO’s famous drink such as the chrysanthemum tea, Soy and etc… They also displayed the recycled item such as handbag and notebook, thus this also show the creativity of how recycling material can be and hope could encourage more people to do their part in saving the homeland of our earth.

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan unveiled the recycling art sculptures and this art sculptures crafted include the re-enactment of Singapore history and the story behind the Singapore Heritage Journey.

Said Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, “We are happy that companies like YEO’S are making an effort to promote environmental awareness through recycling and also by encouraging youth involvement in such initiatives. It is important for everyone to play their part to care for and protect the environment we live in, so that Singapore can continue to grow and develop as a world-class city.”

Both art sculptures craft was designed and created by our Singaporean artist’s Akira Takahashi. He used three month to recycle those YEO’s cardboard material and turned them into an interesting of art sculptures. I was impressed by his talent and perfection idea after seeing through his recycled products!

Well, recycling of material is not a harmful thing to do in this society, in fact it is highly recommend for you to recycle things that you like and make the material into a better use. Hope everyone does your part to keep the environmental clean and green.