YBloggist 2010 Night Safari Outing


Yeah! Night Safari was just right beside Singapore Zoo! Being Excited Because after living 20 years in Singapore, this my first time visiting night safari, likewise it goes same to Charlene and Kadon! haha…

Picture with Charlene and Joanna…We also known as ‘疯子三人组’!

A Picture with Kadon

Happy 16th anniversary Night Safari

While i just entered the night safari, saw this nice Kampong house, it give me an emptiness feeling with the surrounding area and it also give me a feel that animals are staying very peacefully…

Time always past as fast as the speed of lights…

Tourists visiting night safari..! With their excited faces expression, i guess there were first time visiting it too…haha…Tour guides were telling to those tourists on what they can see and have fun in night safari…


Picture with Cynthia (Little Ah Ma)

Dinner Time! Something make me hungry once again….haha..Dinner with the Ybloggist Finalist, sitting at the same table and chat along while we were eating…Below here was my BBQ Chicken Burger Set, Taste delicious…Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! ^^

Performance show up while we having our dinner…Many people crowded at this area to have a look on the performance by 蒙古人. *蒙古人 hunting its enemy and 蒙古人 calling for help* lols, *Wa la wu la la la*


Wow! I like this Fire spinning and flame blasting by those 蒙古人! *You might wanna check out the video below* haha…I want to learn flame blasting out from mouth! lols something like 噴火龍..!

Live it with Fire

As time goes by, we have our tram ride along the way inside night safari area. There were guide along each stop we seem. Basically the environment look very peaceful, not haunted yet enjoyable. *Night time animals always behave different from Day time animals* Good News is that i finally see huge animals in my life! lols…


Ulu Ulu Village was the last area we took a group photo before we leave night safari. I guess everyone did have a fun night throughout the whole long journey…For me, as first time visiting, it didn’t Regret me, in fact i learned new information about the Night time animals! haha…After all, i call it a day.

Before you leave this blog, Check out the video i took during my night safari journey! Sit back and Enjoy the show 🙂 Remember do cast a vote on me at the Ybloggist website! Visit: http://project.omy.sg/ybloggist/vote.html *谢谢大家的支持*


  1. wow i have always wanted to go to night safari but never did and all i have always done was keep wondering . thanks for the pictures i can see you must have had alot of fun there. maybe i would find time to go there one day . Hmm maybe i shouud try sharing pictures and be a rockstar like you ..hehehe/
    with you around i know i have something to look at .

  2. lovesuperkarma: Thanks ^^ haha, sharing picture is good..so that people around you know what happening…Yup, This was my first time entering to night safari and yeah, usually first time visitor will have those wondering feeling…haha…overall it look great to you! Hope you enjoy visiting too ^^

  3. Cool pictures! I went to Singapore before but never went into Singapore Zoo. I probably will go visit one day!

    btw nice blog you have there! 😀