X-periment Event at Marina Square


Hello people! If you have follow my twitter or added my facebook, you guys will know that i attended X-periment event yesterday at marina square. With the experimental of science creation, you Ask Why but do you Know Why?

Yess! This year Singapore Science Festival (SSF) theme “Know Why”, reason is to encourage people to go a step further and discover the answers to their own question through simple experiments, research and observation.

While touring around the event, i find some or i can say almost every experiment design/created by those university/poly student was really a hard work to it. Well, science is somehow like a magic, mixing one thing with another may give you an interesting result…Do you agree? haha one example below…

Mixing colour with PV glue

and result, i got a mini blue ‘gem’ on my hand…isn’t that interesting?

As science is part of life, experiment can take place at anywhere… Below here were those cool stuff i find it quite interesting…

Science of Colour

Drawing image on the paper without touching the pen…

Science of Magnetic

Nowadays, kids are willing to try out on what they have seen and curious to find out the reason …For example, this little kid below was kicking a football that without a real ball infront of him… haha, related to some info-comm studies, its visualize and easy!…

Really Sticky? Its depends…

Dont get cheated by its colour

Kid learning on how to check DNA!

National University of Singapore (NUS) mechanical Engineering created this robot! Its not a simple thing to be done yet they still make it! 🙂

After seeing so many exhibition above…Now is show time!! Introducing James Soper, a science educator by training. Why everyone so excited to see James Soper on stage?

Reason was because James Soper think that David Beckham was a scientific genius and James Soper did unveil the science behind David Beckham’s extraordinary football skills by explaining on how to control the curve football to make it sail past the goalie and way back to the net.

James Soper introduced some world famous scientist and at the same time he also get audience to involve in some simple science demonstration. Gravity, Movement and force combine to give you a power kick.

At last, with James Soper theory, everyone was being convince that David Beckham was a scientific genius. Conclude that, we need to test it out before we can know the result of science.

Overall, Nice X-periment event attended at Marina Square, Thanks for the invitation once again and do visit: sciencefest to know more about Singapore Science Festival 2010! ^^

Last but the least…Here my goodies! ^^

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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  1. wow its so nice and fun leh!!! i havent been into such exhibition since ages ago, and most of the stuff being displayed here is so basic. No robot, no coloured gems…i wish they would organize something like that in Malaysia.

  2. Nicole: Haha thanks, yeah was fun! hmm, maybe one day Malaysia will have this kind of science event too… Its interesting to visit different kind of event xD