World Happy Day Celebrates with a Gift of Happiness


In celebration of World Happy Day, NESCAFÉ® Singapore was at 313 Somerset giving out cups of NESCAFÉ® to the public. Also, the public were encouraged to have their pictures taken. This is part of NESCAFÉ® Singapore’s hope to “Give a Gift of Happiness – Restore a Smile”, where for every picture captured with a cup of NESCAFÉ® with a smile, NESCAFÉ® Singapore aims to collect 20,000 smiles to give $10,000 to Operation Smile Singapore.

Mr. Valerio Nannini, Managing Director of Nestle Singapore,
sharing with the youths how to tune into the simple joys in life.

Mr. Valerio Nannini, Managing Director of Nestle Singapore,
receiving warm smiles after giving balloons of happiness.

Mr. Valerio Nannini, Managing Director of Nestle Singapore, sharing with a
group of passers-by how Singapore is celebrating World Happy Day.

Singapore, 11 February 2012 – Today, thousands of people across all seven continents, 60 countries and more than 600 venues, celebrated the world’s first ‘World Happy Day 2012’. The first of its kind to be celebrated worldwide, they came together to watch a film titled “HAPPY” in hopes of understanding the keys of searching for happiness and increase their grasp of pursuing a more fulfilling, healthier and happier live.

NESCAFÉ® Singapore, together with Qi GLOBAL, a social enterprise whose vision is to create human progress in harmony with nature, presented “HAPPY” in Singapore at the School of Thought Auditorium on Queen Street this evening. “HAPPY” is a feature – length documentary that leads viewers on a journey across five continents in search of the keys to happiness. The film addresses many of the fundamental issues we face in today’s society: how do we balance the allure of money, fame and social status with our needs for strong relationships, health and personal fulfilment?

A message from the film’s producer, Eiji Han Shimizu, on the purpose and nature of the film was screened prior to the start of the film. Speaking at the event were Mr. Stephen Lew, Founder and Director from the School of Positive Psychology; Dr. Christie Napa Scollon, Associate Professor of Psychology at the Singapore Management University (SMU); and Mr. James Norris, Founder of Self Spark. This esteemed panel of speakers shared their insights on Positive Psychology and how better to lead healthier and happier lives.

As the world celebrates and recognises the value of being happy, NESCAFÉ® Singapore wants to give a special group of people the gift of happiness – in support of Operation Smile Singapore, an organisation that helps children in developing countries who are born with cleft lips and other facial deformities regain their smile through corrective surgery.

Mr. Nannini and the senior management of Nestlé (Singapore) were at 313 Somerset giving out cups of NESCAFÉ® coffee today. Members of the public were encouraged to smile and have their photographs taken on the spot with a cup of NESCAFÉ® in hand. The team will like to collect 20,000 smiles as we will be giving $10,000 to Operation Smile Singapore to bring smiles and happiness to these children and their families.

Post Published by Terence Yeo