Work from home experience with PRISM+ W270 PRO Monitor

PrismPlus W270 Pro Review

Working from home (WFH) has become the norm ever since the start of the pandemic this year. Many of us are looking for a suitable desktop monitor that is able to provide us the most seamless visual experience. Visuality, comfortability and affordability may be our top priorities when purchasing a monitor. Of course, the monitor specifications have to match our requirements.

PRISM+ W270 PRO Monitor

Recently I got introduced to PRISM+, one of the most prominent companies in Singapore that has produced the best-value products such as curved monitors, ultrawide monitors, and smart TV. Their monitor screen size ranges from 24-inch to 49-inch, and every product has a 3-year warranty. Without further ado, let me share with you about my experience with PRISM+.

WFH experience with PRISM+ W270 PRO Monitor


Yes! To enhance my WFH experience, I have upgraded my 22-inch desktop monitor to a PRISM+ W270 PRO monitor. It is a 27-inch ultrawide monitor which comes with brilliant HDR400 visual quality and only 3mm ultra-thin bezel. I prefer having a big screen because it allows me to view my content in its entirety within a single screen and is particularly useful when multitasking. One more highlight about the PRISM+ W270 PRO monitor is that it has inbuilt audio in the monitor display. This means you can project your audio directly from the monitor display instead from your laptop or desktop.

PRISM+ monitor display port
PRISM+ W270 PRO monitor display ports

The W270 PRO monitor is suitable for graphic designers, gamers, artists, and engineers as well as marketers.

PRISM+ WQHD monitor
WQHD offers 4x pixel density of HD, giving users the most vibrant colour and clarity.
Pricing and Availability

PRISM+ W270 PRO Monitor is currently priced at $339 (usual price $499) and is available on the PrismPlus official website and Lazada. Customers who have purchased their product will receive it within 1 to 2 working days.

W270 PRO Monitor Pricing

In terms of service and pricing, I would say that it is definitely affordable compared to the rest of the desktop monitors in the market. Their customer and technical support are friendly and always prompt in responding. If you are looking for a high-quality desktop monitor that’s affordable, PRISM+ should be your first choice.