Why serviced apartments are becoming more popular

apartment interior

Serviced apartments have become the most sought-after accommodation choice for traveling these days! Perhaps this is because of its homely environment. While you are using a service apartment for your stay while traveling, on average, you get 30% more free space at your disposal to use.

Serviced Apartments

Why? Because a typical one-bedroom serviced apartment is almost double the size of a one-bedroom hotel. What’s more, you can expect more privacy compared to the hotel room because of the limited number of guests accommodated by serviced apartments.

Growing Popularity Of Serviced Apartments

Although serviced apartments have existed since the late 1950s, they are just getting popular because of the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, people are looking for a more home-like environment where they can relax, work, and cook for themselves.

The rise in demand for serviced apartments has escalated the serviced apartment industry. Today, serviced apartments include studios, multiple bedroom facilities, furnished amenities, and of course, internet.

This makes life comfortable for travelers who can concentrate on enjoying their trip instead of focusing on domestic help.

The best part of serviced apartments is that their price is significantly lower than most of the top-star hotels with the same facilities.

That being said, if you ever visit Singapore, instead of looking for hotels, look for serviced apartments. If you are looking at the right place, you can easily find affordable serviced apartments in Singapore.

apartment interior

What Is A Serviced Apartment?

To start with, a serviced apartment is a self-contained apartment in a building with all the necessary amenities. You get your bedroom, sitting room, fully equipped kitchen, and private keys to the apartment. Apart from that, all the serviced apartments enjoy housekeeping, guest service team, and other benefits which you enjoy in a hotel. A serviced apartment is similar to a hotel; the only difference is that you get a room all for yourself with all the amenities to the point you do not need to use the commonplace like in hotel services.

Why Are Serviced Apartments Better?

The reason why serviced apartments are becoming a hit over the hotel room is because of their flexibility and privacy.

In fact, in all honesty, a serviced apartment is a better choice for a family or a professional. Because most hotels do not allow more than one child in their standard room.

Here are a few reasons that make serviced apartments better than hotel rooms.

1. More Space To Relax

Serviced apartments offer comparatively more space to the guest than a hotel room. For instance, you get a full kitchen to cook your favorite dishes, a relaxing living room, and a personal bathroom.

For a longer stay, a serviced apartment is the best. It gives you enough space to work while traveling and ensures you get a private spec for yourself.

2. Better Privacy

With a serviced apartment, you get an area that is only yours. The norm of using selective spaces does not bind you. If you feel comfortable eating on the floor, you can; if you want to eat after 10 PM, you can, or if you want to work from home, you can use the serviced apartment as your new base for a couple of days.

A serviced apartment gives better privacy than a hotel room. You can use the serviced apartment as your home and as you like.

3. Lower Cost

If you compare, you will find that a serviced apartment costs lower than a hotel room with the same facility. In fact, doing a hotel’s peak season, the price differences can exceed 50%.

Shocking, but true!


Yes, hotels used to be one of the best places to stay while you were traveling, but the trend is changing now. With people wanting the feel of staying home even while traveling, the serviced apartment industry is gaining traction.

Serviced apartments have become a top choice for people over the hotels. This is because of the fact that despite being a rented room for one night, you get all the facilities of your home and use the space as you want.

If you haven’t experienced a serviced apartment, do book one on your next trip. After that, you will never book a hotel room.