Welcome Back to School Life


Yay! Welcome back to school day and meeting up with new and old friends. Yup! One year past very fast and I had successfully goes into my year 2 of studies in Polytechnic Education.

This year, I had posted into a different class, which last year I was in M5 and this year is in M1. Likewise same goes as my previous batch of M5 classmate. We had split up into five different classes yet lucky to say that I still manage to stick with close friends in my new class.

New class of course came with new timetable! My timetable this time round was wasn’t that bad… My favourite course module as I mention on my twitter was Web Design, I think this lesson I enjoyed attended so far.

Today was my Day 2 of attending classes and I noted some other lesson quite interesting too. Especially a module called “National Education”. At first i though it going to be a boring lecture but it turn out to be an interesting lesson whereby we get to visit places. Sound cool right? haha…

First day of attending National Education and my lecturer words from his mouth was “A girl who look back and smile at him…” “den keeps saying *爱的教育*” hahaha… Actual reason was that, the girl was my lecturer student… Then, 爱的教育 actually prefer to those people who like to skip lesson as in encourage them to come for lesson often.

Anyway, 2 days of lecture and lab classes past pretty fast! Every Wednesday is my off day to school!! Woohoo, this week going to be an exciting week again! Party time! Stay tune for coming up interesting blog post! See ya 🙂