Week 5 School Life


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog!…Today will blog about my week 5 in school…So what happened in week 5? Actually nothing much happening just than studying, test and project presentation.

Few days back, i had my graphic design test, programming written test, Internet application and photography quiz and also presentation on Internet addiction. *Sound stress* but overall, it goes very smooth…

Out of all, i think Internet addiction presentation is the most funny topics throughout this whole week. haha…One group from my class came out a survey on internet addiction and guess what? i got the second rank in my class on internet addiction…lols *Heng ar, not the 1st one…*

Finally here come the end of week 5 in my school life…Quite a tiring week and everyone has been stressing about the test but its ok, everything was over….Shout *Yay* ^^ Next week onward, need to start on my project (SMART HOME) and 1 more programming test coming up too! lols…However, next week also my attending events week! *stay tune!* haha…