Week 4 School Life


As days goes by, here end my week 4 of school life in Nyp…Subject learned getting more difficult and incoming of project is pending for me to accept it. If you have follow my twitter, you guys will realize my this week lesson goes as usual (smooth and steady)…Nothing much happening…

We spent our free time in the library using laptop and chit chat as well as camwhore with one another. After 4 weeks, i started to know more about my classmate interest…bleah bleah bleah and so on….lols, Fun things sharing together is the best way to spend time in school.

Arif and Me

Su Zhen and Faris

Jasmy, Faris, Ei Thu, Jee Chin

We took photo before lecture start

Well, next week is full of Test and Presentation week. I gonna shout ‘OH NO’ lols, So many test coming in a week..If i not wrong, i think starting from this coming Monday till Friday will have at least one test *from different modules*. Lastly, hope my presentation topic on ‘Internet Addiction’ goes smooth too.. ^^