WATSinside Application Media Launch


What’s happening inside? Last Wednesday, I attended the WATSinside application media launch at Hard Rock Café. Well, you people might be wondering why this application is called as “WATSinside”? The application actually trying to tell you that, what activities is going to happen inside the place before you entering into it.

Are you the one who love partying, clubbing, chilling or enjoying the events at night in Singapore? If yes, this post definitely is an advantage for you! WATSinside is a lifestyle and sociable application which will be able to show you the nightlife and entertainment scene in Singapore.

Basically, this application does a small portion function of what twitter, facebook or foursquare has did. There are 2 ways of creating an account for WATSinside; you can either register an account at their officially website or you can login via your facebook account. It’s as simple as few clicking!

Other than showing you what nightlife events happening in Singapore, it also has the synchronize function which allow you to share photos or even places check-in on your facebook informing your friends about the happening at a club and receive exclusive deals.

Likewise, you may also simply just add your friends by “Following” them to know where they are and what hot partying they are attending. Thus, additional function such as “mVites” allows you get special mobile invitations (mVites) to exclusive events via WATSinside.

WATSinside is the ultimate app not just for clubbers and foodies but also for business owners who want to promote their establishments. It is an effective platform for them to reach out to their target market, consisting of 18 to 35-year-old tech-savvy undergraduates and young professionals who love to party, eat out and have fun.

Top 5 Reason why you should be part of WATSinside

WATSinside is a FREE application but currently this WATSinside application is only available on App store and Android Market. However, in future, their developer will release the application on Windows phone, Ovi Nokia and BlackBerry App.

Woot! So what you waiting for now? It’s time to chill, party and relax with WATSinside! For more information, log on to http://watsinside.com and visit their WATSinside facebook page for the exciting activities too! *Smiles*