USS Halloween Horror Nights 2011


Woot! Guess what today? It’s 31st October 2011, the official Halloween day fall on Monday weekday. Have you guys celebrated your Halloween day during the weekend? Yup! I had celebrated my Halloween with my friend, Michelle, during the last Saturday weekend at Resort world Sentosa universal studios Singapore.

It was a Horror Night crowded with thousands of people waiting against the shadowy gate and preparing to step into the undead Zombie land. My friend and I was the first time stepping into the universal studios Singapore (USS) and we were excited to see how things going to happen in there.

Once clock hits eight, everything inside the USS turned alive. Undead and bloody Zombie was walking over the street hunting for victim, black magic ladies trying encountering your wishes and suspicious eyes staring around you in the Post-Apocalyptic Rage. All of their acting and makeup were well done and it’s totally look freaking real!

There were total of 7 horror featured zones and 3 rides are open for visitor to experience on but due to over long queue, we only visited certain zone area. Thus, I managed to capture few scary shot at different location of the fearful industry zone.

My friend and I first went into the Pestilence; a demonic plague has infected many unfortunate in habitants in the poverty-stricken docks and alleyways of 19th century America. The place are filled up with those pitiful victims had their skin peeling, flesh decaying and putrid stench overwhelming.

Next, we went into The Edge of Darkness to try out the mummies ride! This place was full of dreaded mummies, scarab beetles and mindless minions… Besides that, we also went into the “44 Sins”, sound scary but when I went in, it was a surprise area which gives me a feeling of clubbing. Am I stepping into the wrong place? Lol…

After all, I think that universal studios Singapore had came out the pretty cool idea of turning the whole “places” into a Halloween deadly land. My friend and I had a good experience in seeing the horror faces, hearing the evil sound from the devil and smelling the fearful atmosphere of Halloween this year.

Last but not least, well done universal studios Singapore and let’s hope next year will be better! Do play the slideshow above to view more photos happening at USS Horror Nights! Hope you guys had enjoy reading this post and have a great weekday readers! *Smiles*