Upgrade your Work-From-Home Experience with Belkin and Linksys

belkin and linksys technology

Many of us including myself have been working from home since the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore. Honestly speaking, I miss my office environments such as the desk with dual-split screen monitors and additional USB ports. I believe some of us may face little difficulties during the work from home period due to the lacking of IT essentials. Well, here are some solutions whereby you can transform your room into an ultimate workstation.

work from home with Belkin and Linksys technology

For those who are constantly on video or conference calls

A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is critical when you are leading a conference meeting. Here is your chance to impress your boss and colleagues with the Linksys Velop MX5300 WiFi 6 Mesh system. It is designed to offer 4x faster speed, more WiFi range and 4x increased Wi-Fi capacity.

Be done with the “hi, can you see my slides/video? Can you hear me clearly?” greeting to each other and say hello to uninterrupted streaming and faster connectivity for a more productive virtual meeting.

How to sweeten the teleconferencing experience? You can connect your laptop to your TV with the Belkin HDMI Cable with Ethernet so that you can see your colleagues or the presentation materials on the big screen; in 4K or 8K resolution no less!

For those who need to share your home workspace with family member

Imagine this: everyone is working or studying at the big dining table. Your work vibe is interrupted by the crowd and, gasp, there is only one power socket available.

Enter the Belkin Surge protector. The multi-plug surge-protected socket comes in 4-ports, 6-ports and 8-ports options for every usage scenario. The more people sharing the workspace, the more ports you can have. What’s more, its inbuilt safety shutters over live and neutral ports help to protect you and your loved ones from any electrical accidents. Its spoiler cable system also ensures an easy and clutter-free cable management so that you won’t trip over each other’s cable while getting a cup of coffee.

Strong internet connectivity is also another necessity as you share the bandwidth and network with the family. Boost your WiFi mesh system with the Linksys Velop MX5300 WiFi 6. The latest router is interoperable with the other Linksys Mesh Family (that is, Velop Tri-Band, Velop Dual Band, MR9000X and MR8300) as both the master and child node, making it easier for you to grow their WiFi network when the need arises.

For the one who needs everything by their side

You need to have everything – the monitor, the laptop, the tablet and the phone – set-up nicely before you can start your day. But alas! You realize that you don’t have sufficient adapters to power up this “comfort zone” set-up.

Create your ultimate workstation with The Belkin USB-C™ Multimedia Hub. The perfect all-in-one solution, this nifty adapter offers USB-A, USB-C, HDMI™ (supporting 4K 30Hz monitors), ethernet and SD card ports that allow you to connect multiple devices to a USB-C laptop through a single cable. What’s beautiful about this adapter is its pass-through 60-watt capability which charges your devices at the same time.

Level up your set-up with The Belkin BOOST CHARGE USB-C + USB-A Wall Charger 18W or 30W + USB-C to Lightning Cable – the latest gadget that enables you to charge two devices at the same time. Its 18-watt USB-C port with USB Power Delivery means the fastest possible charging for compatible smartphones and tablets.

You can now charge up your iPhone from 0-50% in just 30 minutes.* What’s more, the additional 12-watt USB-A port charges a second device at the same time – another smartphone, a tablet or any device that charges via USB-A. Designed to safely deliver large amounts of power for super-fast charging, this compact charger sits flat to the wall for a non-intrusive fit to any space, even behind furniture, on surge protectors or in hard-to-reach outlets.

For the multi-tasker who likes everything organized and neat

Be done with messy charging cables! The Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad/ Stand 10W is designed to allow you to wirelessly charge your mobile device while maintaining full access to it in landscape or portrait mode. Now you can easily get on a video or conference call hands-free(!), and work on your laptop all at the same time.

Stay safe and work-from-home today! It is always important to find the right tools to stay productive and connected! For more information, please visit: Connectivity Solutions on Hachi.tech, Belkin Official Store LazMall, or Linksys Official Store LazMall.