Memorable Up-Close Experience with the Lonely Bull on Coney Island Singapore


Continue from my previous Coney Island article about “10 Must See Things at Coney Island Park”, Thank you for all your support! In our previous article, it has hits its massive unique record. I sincerely appreciate your time for reading my blog.

So, I made a promise to myself to visit back the Coney Island Park as my main objective is to find the Lonely Bull. Therefore, I hosted a gathering session with my few good friends to visit the Coney Island Park last Sunday. Although it was a warm-hazy afternoon, some of my friends are first time stepping on to the Coney Island, but we were well-prepared and excited to explore the nature in this island.

The main objective for us is to find the bull in Coney Island and I believe by now, it has becoming the star attraction and hot topic in Coney Island Singapore. We took up this challenging task and walked through the forest area for about 4.5km in distance from West to East and East to West.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Evening knocked us after our three hours walk, but this time round, miracle happened to us! A short 50m distance away from the cycling path, seeing the Lalang waving randomly… and a BULL appeared in front of us! I swear I got shock when I first saw the bull on Coney Island Singapore.

Old Bull taking his slow walk

Shy and lonely bull on Coney Island Singapore

My first impression of the lonely bull was friendly. It does not disturb or afraid the passing-by human, in fact the bull will just walk over to its destination without you noticing it. My friends and I stopped and captured the amazing memorable moment of our Coney Island Singapore visit.

He like to pose for photo!

Unexpected to get myself a selfie with the lonely bull on Coney Island Park!

Photo with my awesome outdoor friends! And of course thank you Steven from (The “Perfect” Father) for capturing this critical moment. Although it was the back view of the Coney Bull but no BULLSHIT! Heheh