Unforgettable Memories in Year 2014


Woohoo Hello Readers! Welcome back to my blog! Times have flies like crazy this year and till today is almost coming to the end of year 2014. At this point, many of us will start thinking and looking back on what we have done since the beginning of the year. Hence as a blogger, I am glad that I am able to record all my beautiful memories in my blog.

I have blogged for FULL 7 years! Over these seven tremendous years, I have seen and experienced different kind of lifestyle events though my senses. This year, is a breakthrough for my website (Hpility SG)! Congratulation, this site had added total of 7 professional editors and together as a team, we have completed the list of 7 lifestyle categories which are Technology, Entertainment, Family, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Food and Travel.

7 Tremendous 7 Recognition 7 Unforgettable 7 Excitement

I want to use this moment to thank group of clients, friends and readers for giving me the opportunity to showcase my blog and explore the world this year. Despite of paid or non-paid articles, I do enjoy blogging with my passion! Without further ado, now I am going to flash back what’s the exciting and interesting event I attended for the past 11 months. Let’s sit back and recap the memories!

Woot! To kick off the beginning of the year 2014, I am honor to be the official ambassador for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014! Swift from year 2013 to 2014, this is a good opening occasion to start off my New Year celebration and I always have great time covering events around the Marina Bay Singapore.

In January I also went to various places in Singapore for my phootshoot album. I came out with few different themes during my photo-shoot session and one of the themes was known as “Search for best Things in Life”. Living in this world, I believed that we must always chase for the best things in our life. Reason because we only live once and many things might just flash through without noticing that chances are lie on your hand. Likewise, sometimes we felt lost and unconfident in doing things that control our capability. But no matters what we are facing, we must do our best and keep on moving. The world does not determine your life of living but you yourself do.

Time for Family bonding! Thank You Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for inviting me to their 45th Anniversary at the Singapore Airshow. Together with the parenting bloggers, I enjoyed myself learning and experiencing the skills of RSAF operated in Singapore. It is also a fruitful moment to mingle with the parent bloggers via this event.

MARCH 2014
Changes of March this year, I shared about why I love blogging and being a blogger. There are many unexplainable reasons why I love blogging because what I love is my passion. During this month, I started to be part of The Influencer Network (TIN) family. I have met many new and young bloggers from this community. This had make me realized that in this blogging industry is just like that building a technology. As a blogger, we must keep on innovate our creativity and ideas. However is always good to learn from the young ones. Why? Why? Because “if you think you are strong, there are always stronger people behind you.” I must agree that sometimes I felt the competitive among the bloggers.

APRIL 2014
Well, during my free time I met up with friends to chill over a delightful dinner. In this blogging industry it’s all about public-relation and connection. So DON’T BREAK THE CONNECTION! Hahaha

Oh Yes! One reason why I love reviewing gadget products is because I am able to get experience before others. Hence, if you have been following my blog, you guys will realize this blog had review a series of gadgets. In the month of April, I am glad to try out the 4.5mm slim portable charger; it comes in stylish design and is very convenience.

MAY 2014
This year, I collaborated with Scoot SG Airline for my overseas trip to Seoul, Korea! This was my first time onboard the Scoot Airline and I had an enjoyable experience. Thank You Scoot for this opportunity and I hope more to come! ^^

Apart from being Korea Tourism Board (KTO) ambassador in Year 2013, yup! This year I flew to Korea again for my personal vocation. And also not to forget the sponsored hotel stay at ibis Ambassador Seoul Insadong!

Met up with my friends in Korea and we have a great time!

I love Korea landscape, foods and culture! 

Here is one of my favourite cafe in Hongdae, Korea

Back in Singapore, I attended the Singapore International Racing Festival at Singapore Turf Club. I always have fun in the horse betting feeling and met many new friends through this social event. Dear Jessie and Dominic, Thank You for always inviting me to your exciting event at Singapore Turf Club! Cheers and looking forward to next year!

JUNE 2014
One of the highlight happened in June this year was my weekend staycation with friend at Holiday Inn Express Hotel located at the heart of Singapore Clarke Quay.

Followed by, I get to know friends (Ground Zero, a boy band) from Taiwan. They are super friendly and talented. Hope to catch up with them in my Taiwan trip next year!

Dressing smart for celebration, everyone (majority) love partying~! I attended Magnum 25th Anniversary party with my group of lively friends, the night whereby everyone crowded with glasses of drink!

Huge Blogger gathering in the mid-year hosted by TIN! It’s awesome! 

JULY 2014
Woohoo! JULY my favourite because is my Birthday month!!! Together with a group of family bloggers and friends, we visited the RSAF at Paya Lebar HQ for the NDP 2014 preview opening.

Friends of mine should know that I love seafoods especially Prawn, Lobster and Crab! Haha… Beyond a doubt, is always good to spend time enjoying a delectable crab feast dinner session with my awesome friends.

Happy Birthday to me! Thank to my good buddy’s William Tan for organizing a memorable birthday celebration for me this year. And also Thank to Yum Cha restaurant for the 10 meal course sponsors! Of course, thanks to my friends who took out their precious time for this celebration! Really appreciated!  😀

GUESS WHAT! I had a surprise birthday celebration at Singapore Turf Club!!! Aww… Totally stun when I saw a cake appeared at the middle of horse racing! Thanks for the well-organizing and it really me feel “HOME” at STC! Thanks Dominic and Jessie!

Selfie and Selfie to Wefie!

In August, one of a meaningful event I attended was the National Day 2014! It was an exclusive moment to get invited to see what’s happening behind the scene of NDP preparation. I admire their dedication and I salute to the country with pride because I am Singaporean! Looking forward to the SG50 next year! ^^

You guys should know that I am a Tiger Beer lover! LOL! In the month of national day celebration, I got invited to Tiger Beer uncage event to witness a couple to unleash their pride by giving up their overseas trip to stay back in Singapore celebrating the national day. Cheers to the wonderful country with Tiger Beer! ^^

Back-to-back, August is also my BLOG Anniversary!!! I started this ‘Hpility’ Blog since 7 years back in the month of August. Time flies and till today is my 7 years of blogging in this industry. Half behalf of my team, I would like to thank Crowne Plaza Changi Airport for giving us a relaxing and an unforgettable staycation.

It was an eventful September this year. Don’t you agree? Hahaha! Firstly, I met up with my friend from Texas and we visited the impressive divine trees at Singapore night festival.

Brunch buffet gathering with friends at Kitchen Restaurant at W Hotel.
Also the W Summer Party! 

Travelled together with a group of blogger friends to Malacca for Julie’s Factory tour as well as night market shopping! Blogger + Friendship Bonding!

Next, I got engaged to review a mighty gadget – The Samsung Galaxy Tab S! This quality gadget had enhanced my living environment and brightens up my lifestyle by bringing me into a handiness technology.

Yay! My 6th year watching F1 live racing! But good thing added on this year was that during the Formula 1 (F1) season, I got invited to attend the podium lounge F1 party, an awesome party with exciting line-up activities followed by glamorous fashion runway showcase by Gnossem featuring international models.

I joined Clover Films blogger community! It’s always good to meet up with familiar friends at this kind of cozy gathering. Thanks Clover Films for inviting to the movie event constantly!

Highlight in October! The Influencer Network (TIN) boost blogger gathering was held at Trick Eye Museum Singapore. This event invited nearly over hundreds of TIN blogger! Bloggers having fun and creative pose striking off their stunning tricks in the museum. Hence, I am glad to be part of it! Yay!

Next, Halloween!!! A casual weekend met up with my good friends to visit the Halloween at USS and Sentosa Spooktaular this year.

Back to Singapore Turf Club again for Sakura Day event! A moment we live it up with a glass of sake while watching the lively horse racing. xD

Yes I love Travel! Because travel is a freedom! Hopefully can explore the whole world one day! Hahaha… Therefore, in November, I travelled with my two buddies to Bangkok (BKK) for a 5D4N trip. During our second last day of BKK trip, at the Chatuchak Street, we met two new friends coincidence who is from Singapore too!

My two buddies and I had a delicious and cheapest traditional Thai Mookata meal in BKK!The Mookata cost only at $6 SGD!!! OMG!! Okay… I will share this review soon! ^^

Welcome to the month of December! Last month of the year 2014! So what is the highlight in this month? You can’t believe that I ACTUALLY DRANK A BOWL OF SPERM SOUP!!! OMG… First time in my life drinking such as a Sperm Soup (Cod Fish Sperm btw*)… However this is an authentic dish origin from Japan. Taste good too! oXo

Stopover an interesting shop called ‘PIE FACE’ at Bugis village!

Next happening THINGS in DECEMBER is all the fabulous PARTIES! It’s also the month I meet up with most of my close friends! Party is exciting, we all agreed! The month kicking off with Domino’s Year-End Christmas Party, followed by an authentic Korean dinner at the newly opened Insadong Korea Town.

Insadong Korea Town in Singapore 

Not to forget the annual Kiehl’s Christmas Gathering! Concurrently also William Birthday Party!

Less than 48 HOURS to New Year 2015!
Welcome the SG50!