Two Thumbs Way Up for A Better Florist’s Curated Bouquet Selection and Lightning-Fast Delivery

A Better Florist

Singapore has been dubbed as the “Garden City” because of its clean and green surroundings. Despite its diminutive size, you can find greenery lining our streets as well as lush parks and gardens all around the city-state. So it’s not surprising that we Singaporeans like to give and receive plants and flower bouquets during holidays and special occasions.

A single stem of a flower can be an effective way of extending an apology or declare your love. Hopeless romantics and shy types, like me, can equally step up their game with a thoughtful bouquet. Fortunately, advances in science and technology have made all types and species of flowers available year-round worldwide.

A Better Florist

In Singapore, the best flower shops and online florists deliver top-notch blooms to any destination within short notice. However, since being bombarded by choices is not the best and most efficient use of my time, so I’ve always purchased my flowers from A Better Florist. Their online shop’s simple and user-friendly interface puts the focus on their well-curated selection of bouquets. So if you’re not a fan of clicking through dozens of pages of options of the same red roses, A Better Florist is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

I’ve always hated scouring through numerous dull variations of floral arrangements for the same flowers. So it was refreshing when I saw A Better Florist’s small yet eye-catching collection of flower bouquets. They clearly keep tabs on the changing trends and styles of their customers so they can provide the best possible products and services. In fact, they have been cited as one of The Top 10 Florists in Singapore by Alvinology for their “simple and responsive online shop, lightning-fast free delivery service, high quality yet affordable blooms and tastefully arranged bouquets.“


Their collection of blooms are divided into Signature Blooms, Farmer’s Choice and Bundles. Signature Blooms are made up of beautifully handcrafted and Instagram-worthy bouquets for notable occasions like Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day. These are the classics and luxurious blooms you give to your loved ones which also makes this the bestsellers section.

Seasonal flowers fall into the Farmer’s Choice category which means you get the freshest quality of blooms when you take your pick from this selection. You can also get succulents which can withstand the brunt of Singapore heat. This can be good for floral subscriptions when you want to receive regular batches for blooming your business or your personal space. Even better, you’re not only improving the overall aesthetic of your place, you’re also supporting local and neighbouring flower farms by contributing to more sustainable practices in the flower industry. If you are looking to give flowers on a regular basis, flower subscription services are a great way to enjoy a variety of flowers at an affordable price.

Finally, Bundles are reserved for occasions when you’re feeling more generous than usual. Bouquets are paired with premium chocolates or other romantic gifts to knock the socks off the apple of your eye.

Another one of A Better Florist’s strong points is their fast and reliable flower delivery service. Their same-day delivery is the fastest in the market, promising to deliver your blooms within 90 minutes! How’s that for express flowers? You never have to stress over missed deliveries and delayed shipping.

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A Better Florist has also recently started expanding its business by offering flower deliveries in Hong Kong and Dubai. Their latest promo is still ongoing, so if you go purchase a flower today, you’ll get $5 off your purchase.

Guest Writer: Elma