True Legend Movie


True Legend (蘇乞兒) Movie

Hello people! One new movie coming up next week! called [蘇乞兒], True Legend Movie..3D fighting effect movie directed by Yuen woo ping director. And yes!! Jay Chou got cast in this movie too…hahaha…If you are jay chou fans, better go watch when its release…Can see the different jay chou in fighting world…xD

Below here is the True Legend (蘇乞兒) Movie trailer! like the fighting visual effect they created in this movie…Anyway, this movie coming out in 11th feb in singapore…is a must watch movie for me during the chinese new year week! haha…cant wait man! *smile*

True Legend Movie Review By Professional:

True Legend is the extraordinary journey of a man – a martial arts hero – whose greatest dream is to create a unique school of martial arts for the world to follow.

All his life, Su Can has been pursuing the summit in martial arts. There are two things he holds dearest to his heart – the dream of creating a unique kind of martial arts that will pass on to generations; and his beloved wife. Su has a happy family and his wife is the joy of his life. But owing to a turn of fate and Su’s own stubbornness, he loses his wife and his family is destroyed.

After losing his wife, Su cannot live with himself and collapses totally. He is drunk all the time and becomes a crazy beggar in everyone’s eyes. Everyday, his young son ties him with a piece of rope and leads him through the streets, greeted by people’s curious and disdainful gazes.

But all this time during his spiritual exile, his dream for the highest peak in martial arts is still alive. In his madness, Su continues his practice, to perfect his skills and fists.

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  1. The fighting scenes are cool..its a mix of jet li (fist of legend) and jackie chan (drunk master)movie. However the story line kinda suck because the main story is short and they need to add a additional fights after he kill his brother(with foreigners) to make it a 2hr movie.

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