On Trend: Stylish Kitchen Accessories Available In Singapore Now

Stylish Kitchen


Believe it or not, Singaporeans spend a whopping $8.7 million a year on small electrical household appliances. From modern microwaves to funky freezers, there are all sorts of kitchenware accessories that most homeowners just have to have. And as The Straits Times reports, many of these products are crafted right here in the country.

For kitchenware aficionados, though, staying on trend is the most important thing – especially when it comes to chic, tasteful decor. And while this lies partly in the colour scheme you choose and structural factors like how much natural light you have, electrical accessories like kettles and toasters should also look tip-top in order to get that dream kitchen look. If you like to be at the forefront of the latest kitchenware trends, then, this article is for you.

basic Kitchen Accessories

The basics

Basic appliances and fittings should be the first to think about. If you’ve got the space, a combined fridge-freezer manufactured by a leading trendy brand such as Smeg, Chronovski or OEM is a good idea. Different styles of fridge will suit different homes, but unusual colours like deep blue and bright orange are in fashion at the moment. And when it comes to more fixed parts of your kitchen’s decor, splashbacks are also in vogue.

These additions to the walls around your sink can protect your tiles or paintwork, and they can add a dose of vibrant colour too. If you’ve got accessibility or vision concerns, meanwhile, all sorts of technology has been developed to help you out – including safety-guarded knives. These basics are in the process of coming to market, so watch out for them in stores soon.

Luxury goods

Moving away from kitchen basics, it’s also wise to think about adding some smaller luxury consumer goods in order to create a really stylish finish. Kettles from well-known fancy brands like Delonghi, Kenwood or KitchenAid are a great idea, while blenders and smoothie makers are must-haves for a health-conscious kitchen crafter. Adding some non-foodie extras, such as a small flat-screen TV, can help turn your kitchen into a living space as well as a stylish one; the same goes for stacks of cookbooks, and even a small space in which to grow and store herbs.

Smart kitchenware

Smart kitchenware

As is the case in every room of the home, the smart revolution is changing everything. It’s now possible to access smart kitchenware, too – and nothing screams “style” louder than this kind of cutting-edge tech. Consider, for example, the benefits of having a coffee machine located in your kitchen that you could launch from your phone while still in bed – or a refuse bin with a lid that rises as you come close!

With kitchenware clearly so popular in Singapore, then, investing in the latest smart kettle or sleek blender is a good idea. It’s a great way to remain on trend, and visitors are sure to be wowed when they pop round for a cup of tea. These appliances also go the distance in terms of time, too – so it’s a win-win situation.


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