Trend Micro Sharing session & Christmas dinner


Hi Readers! It’s another new weekend, how you all been doing? If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that recently i had attended a sharing session about Trend Micro and having Christmas dinner with bloggers at Raindrops Cafe. Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation!

My first time visiting Raindrops cafe, small and cool dining environment… Took some picture while waiting for the guest to arrival. As time past, welcome speech was given and we did a bloggers introduction game before the sharing session start.

Trend Micro Sharing session talks given by Terrence. He started off with an iPad Scam topic to drive us into his main topic (Trend Micro Titanium) of the day.

What is Computer Virus?
A computer virus is a piece of code that is secretly introduced into a system in order to corrupt it or destroy data. Often viruses are hidden in other programs or documents and when opened, the virus is let loose.

Your computer can get virus attack easily if you don’t have an internet security software installed. Thus, Trend Micro is a brand of Anti-virus software which help to prevent your computer for getting virus attack. (It protect your computer to it’s maximum security)

These virus hacker usually target on ‘Gaming’ and ‘Social media’ as in they can easily steal their personal information throughout the worldwide network. 1.5 new threat every second! That’s freaking scary..!

Mini game (world cafe) was played whereby we was told to write out the pain points of the security software users and list the top 3 most important attributes in a security software. As a result, most of us got the same answer and this show that its really common.

Next, speaker Terrence also listed out and explained the Top 5 consumer pain points on security software. Basically these were the common where user always faced while using an Anti-virus software:
– Impact on System Performance
– Scanning Speed
– Interruptions to computer
– Difficult to use and understand

Trend Micro leading the way in cloud security… Meaning, it help to stops all those threats in the cloud before they reach you. Simple term to say that, you won’t get virus attack so easily.

Who is Trend Micro?
A global leader in internet content security advancing threat management technology to secure data against a wide range of threats.

Reason for choosing Trend Micro:
Nice Interface & It’s User Friendly.
Strong Protection.
No Interruptions and slow down of PC.
No Excessive consumption of PC Resources.
Scanning speed is Fast.

Here come the end of Trend Micro sharing session! Learned quite a number of new things from this sharing session.. haha.. Many ways for a hacker to hack into your PC, So Protect your personal information now!!

Next, we proceed on for our dinner. Sharing some picture here.. Nice dinner dining at raindrops cafe. Their dessert was awesome! love it alots..! hahaha..

Main Dish, Drinks, Dessert we ordered.

Banana Sabayon

Photo with William Tan

Nice event attended! After all, took a group picture with Joyce, Joanna, Shaun and William before i call it a day. *Smile*