Travel-inspired Denzy Gelato Cafe Located in the Heart of Bishan

Denzy Gelato

Denzy Gelato Cafe

Are you craving for Gelato ice cream today? Introducing the travel-inspired Denzy Gelato Café located in the heart of Bishan. Denzy Gelato is a perfect dessert café for customers to chill in and enjoy more than 10 distinctive Gelato flavours. The café also offers waffles, coffee and assorted tea for you to savour with your friends and family.

10 distinctive Gelato flavours

Being inspired by travel; the Gelato at Denzy are all made from scratch using quality ingredients though a dedicated and detailed creation process. Here are the signature gelatos you should try when you visit their café.

Persian Prince

Persian Prince is an Italy-inspired flavour infused with almond and saffron, gifting it with a nutty and interesting taste. The almonds used are also stone-ground for 10 hours prior, adding to the authenticity of the flavour. Every spoonful of this delightful dessert is meant to pamper gelato fans, given that saffron is one of the most revered spices in the world.

Blondie Beach

Blondie Beach is also another Italy inspired combination which provides a sweet initial taste and a salty after taste.

Elderflower Mojito

The Bali-inspired Elderflower Mojito, contrary to what the name suggests, is actually nonalcoholic and refreshing, perfect for Singapore’s humid weather. Only mint and lime are kept in the ingredients, coupled with carefully boiled elderflowers in order to extract its genuine taste.

Dark Chocolate and Skinny Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate, a taste that always won’t go wrong! Denzy Gelato’s best-seller – Dark Chocolate and Skinny Dark Chocolate. The Dark Chocolate gelato brings about a creamy and delicious finish. Whereas for, Skinny Dark Chocolate appeals more to people who favour the non-creamy and delectably light texture of a sorbet.

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Denzy Gelato constantly comes up with new flavours every few weeks to keep their menu fresh and exciting.


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Denzy Gelato Café Location Address:

506 Bishan Street 11, #01-404,
Singapore 570506

Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm (Daily)