Top safety tips for solo female travellers in Latin America

solo female travellers

solo female travellers

Latin America is a place with so much to offer in terms of tourist attraction, culture, food, holiday and fun. This applies to both male and female. The threats however put females more at risk than males. This is the more reasons females need to take extra care while visiting Latin America for any purpose.

 Latin America

Have background knowledge of where you will be visiting

Latin America is a beautiful place to visit if you choose the right place. Before you embark on a journey to Latin America, start by doing your research on all you need to know about where you are going to. You cannot just go to the airport because you heard there are flights to Japan there. You normally make some enquiries and follow the necessary procedure. The same applies to travelling to Latin America. Make enquiries before you go there.

travel at night

Do not travel at night

This applies to both getting there and your general movement. Ensure that your time of arrival will be during the day and will give you enough time to secure your accommodation before night falls. Women are usually victims of criminal activities more than men. So you can start by giving yourself a headstart. You should also restrict your movement at night especially to places you are not familiar with.

Avoid carrying too much luggage

I picked this one out particularly for ladies because they are guilty of taking too much baggage. I wonder if they ate scared of repeating outfits or want to show off. Travel as light as possible. In my opinion, your baggage should be so light that you can run with it. To help you out, take a look at the things in your luggage and ask yourself what you need them for. If you cannot answer the question within seconds then you should probably skip that item and leave it at home.

Keep your documents in your person at all time

This is America and law enforcement agents are usually strict here compared to other parts of the world. Ensure you carry your documents (the ones they may likely ask for) on you at all times. As regards your documents, carry mostly photocopies and leave the originals at home. The originals you should carry are those that are needed in their original copies.

Learn to blend in with the locals

You can start by donning the local attires as you will draw less attention wearing it. You should not break the bank because you want to wear the local attire. You can also wear regular looking clothing. Avoid wearing expensive looking clothes as they may draw attention and send the wrong message. Ensure to look regular so that you do not send the wrong signal. You cannot pay money for flights to Brisbane and get there only to dress in your Arabian attire. You will always draw attention.

Avoid danger prone incidents

A lady was sexually harassed when she turned down the advances of the man who gave her a free ride. Situations like this should be avoided. Try not to put yourself in harm’s way. Do not bring out wads of cash in public. Avoid free rides and turn them down politely. Be polite to people even when they offend you.

Be quick to report any suspicious activities that could harm you in any way. Also ensure that every safety measure you take is more proactive than reactive.