Top Cake Delivery in Singapore

cake delivery in Singapore

Whyzee Singapore

Straying away from a typical cake delivery shop, Whyzee has managed to stand out and quickly become the top cake delivery Singapore with more than 50,000 happy and satisfied customers. The recipes are carefully taste-tested and they make sure that their bakes are of the freshest and best quality. The attention to detail to each freshly baked cake ensures that each and every customer is satisfied while getting to enjoy the true taste of their top-notch desserts. Not only that, they also provide a range of healthy bakes to make sure that their desserts are there for all to enjoy. Offering the best-tasting and freshest artisanal bakes, they also offer an array of celebratory gifts for you and your loved ones. With affordable pricing, aesthetically pleasing and decadent cake options, their cakes taste as good as they look.

1-Hour Express Cake Delivery

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have forgotten about a special occasion, you’re in luck. The great thing about Whyzee is that they offer an express delivery option where you can get your mouth-watering cake within the next hour for just an additional $15. You can choose from a huge variety of cakes such as Chocolate Desire Cake, Chocolate Brownie Cake, Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake and many more.

All you need to do is proceed to checkout your order and select “1 Hour Express Delivery” under the shipping option. Enter the required information in the fields provided and leave “Delivery Date / Self Collection Date” and “Time Slot” empty. Once payment is made, you are good to go and your cake will arrive in just an hour. How convenient is that?

You also get free delivery for orders above $100. With their express delivery, you’ll never need to come empty-handed to an occasion. (CC: The forgetful boyfriends out there)

Extensive Cake Selection from Whyzee

Extensive Cake Selection

With over 50 cake options to choose from, the choices are endless. Whether you’re a fan of the simple chocolate cake, fruit cake, or cheese cakes, we’re quite certain you’ll find what you want given their extensive array. Something that stands out with Whyzee is that they also cater to the local palate. They offer a selection of cakes that are infused with flavours that Singaporeans are very familiar with such as the Ondeh-ondeh cake and Durian Chocolate cake. Their creative and thoughtfully designed customised cakes, almost too pretty to eat, are also available which is sure to stand out and be the centrepiece of any occasion.

Decadent Cakes

Whyzee’s signature collection cakes ensures not only look good, but taste good as well. Their best award-winning freshly baked cakes are to die for. All their cakes are freshly baked and none of them are stored for more than a day to ensure that they stay fresh and taste delightful. The moistness of the cakes and flavours are all paired beautifully to tantalise your tastebuds. Their mouth-watering cakes make it the easiest to wipe off the plate and just melts in your mouth. The exceptional attention to detail of each cake is so good you’ll definitely be back for more.

Quality Ingredients

Premium quality, wholesome and nutritious ingredients are used when creating each one of their products so you can ensure that it is made with exceptional attention to detail. Using fresh and quality ingredients gives the cake a much better texture and Whyzee recognizes this. The use of quality ingredients in their cakes is what sets them apart from the rest.

Whyzee healthy bakes

Healthy Bakes

Isn’t it boring to cut off your favourite food, in order to get that dream body of yours? Fret not because Whyzee offers you a selection of healthy bakes so you can still enjoy guilt-free, delicious bakes without the added calories. Using ingredients that are generally healthier and rich in nutrients, their flavours are well-balanced making it healthier for you! This makes them a great choice for a cake delivery in Singapore if you’re at all health-conscious. They also avoid using artificial flavoring and colouring so you can indulge in their bakes carefreely.

Whyzee product bundles

Product Bundles

Thinking of going the extra mile to surprise your loved ones? Whyzee offers you an extensive array of choices for their product bundles. Good things definitely come in pairs. Along with a beautiful cake, you can choose to couple it with an artfully arranged flower bouquet, balloons or even a flower dome. You can mix and match as you’d like and it makes for a beautiful combination of gifts to surprise your loved ones with.

One of their bestsellers includes the 6inch cake mega bundle where you can get a cake, balloon and flower bouquet all in one. You’re spoiled for choice with the various options to choose from and you can just select the different products to fit your liking. The more, the merrier!

customizable soft toy plush bunny

Available Add Ons

If you’re looking for something a little extra, Whyzee also gives you the choice of having add ons. Choose from the variety of add ons you can have such as rainbow number candles and balloons to a customizable soft toy plush bunny, where you can embroider the name of the person that you want to surprise. It’s a sweet and thoughtful add-on you can get to go the extra mile for the recipient of the gift. Add a complimentary message for any of their products for that special personal touch.

Affordable Pricing

The best thing about Whyzee’s products are that not only are they of quality standard, but they are also affordable with their pricing. For as cheap as $30, you can get a premium baked cake delivered right to your doorstep. They’ve done a great job in ensuring that their cakes are not only delicious, but affordable for everyone.

Hassle Free Delivery Service

With three different delivery types, you can choose the standard delivery, last-minute cake delivery or same day cake delivery or even opt to self collect it yourself. You will be able to receive your order in just 4 hours, simply just choose from any selection of 3-hour time slots from 12pm to 9pm.