Top 10 Marketing Tips for Holiday Campaigns

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With Halloween behind, the holiday campaigns have gone into a frenzy. Hence, a search for good marketing tips to do business during this time is expected. People are already going to holiday mode and everyone, as at the behest of a magic gate, begins to rapidly spend money on gifts to each other. No wonder, companies, irrespective of their product type, are already up with sales and offers to do business out of this opportunity. So if you are still planning, you are already late. However, it’s always better late than never. But, since you are about to face head-on competition, you can’t afford to get lost. Try these ten marketing tips used by brands to stand out.

Marketing Tip #1- Give Your Digital Platform A Holiday Look

A holiday season is a mood, and hence if you are expecting to attract consumers and make sales, you have to revamp your digital face. Decoration, be it offline or digital, is a great marketing tip because it indicates celebrations and gifts that sync with the consumers’ current mood. It looks welcoming during the season and helps achieve the first step of the buying process by gaining consumers’ attention.

Marketing Tip #2- Early VIP Access

Some companies are using it to build their subscription list in exchange for early VIP access to their latest product launches or exclusive offers. It also successfully creates a buzz around the brand that goes well with the mood of the season.

Marketing Tip #3- Giveaways

One popular digital marketing tip is announcing a nice giveaway on a social media account. It works particularly great on Instagram to increase engagement and followers, besides building hype for an upcoming event or holiday offers. Also, giveaway plays a key role in the success of the campaign.

Marketing Tip #4- Video Marketing

Using video campaigns is a content marketing tip that has become a must for brands today. Not only is it easy to reach a larger audience with videos, but they also prove to be more influential than any other form of content.

Marketing Tip #5- Influencer Marketing

Several brands believe that their marketing tip for success is using influencers on social media. However, not everyone succeeds with it. The secret to success lies in finding influencers with a follower base that matches your target audience.

Also, the influencer should create good content around your product to make the campaign and the marketing tip effective.

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Marketing Tip #6- Free Gifts

Gifts is a classic marketing tip since it has been used the longest to boost conversions. However, the free gift should be valuable to your buyers and not very expensive to your budget. But, if you can design it smartly, then besides gaining more sales, you may also gain more loyal customers.

Marketing Tip #7- Holiday Combos

A bold marketing tip is to create holiday combos. The move is bold because instead of just one, you are pushing the purchase of several products together at a discounted total. If it works, you make high average profits; if it doesn’t, the entire campaign fails, and so does the marketing tip.

Marketing Tip #8- Share User Generated Content

Since the entire season is about making people feel special in different ways, one great way to do it is by showing appreciation for user-generated content. Supporting someone’s work from your followers on social media related to your brand services or vision can make them feel special. In turn, there are chances of them resharing your appreciation post, which then works as influencer content. Furthermore, this marketing tip can work wonders because it can influence more people to complete an action to get validation from your brand.

Marketing Tip #9- Flash Deals & Extended Sale

One internet marketing tip actively followed by e-commerce sites to get peak sales is flash deals and extended sale days. And you may also bring back customers to your site each day by refreshing offers at a fixed hour every day and influencing repeat purchases.

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Marketing Tip #10- Support A Cause

Due to Covid, people today have become extremely sensitive. They are supporting sustainability and people over price. Hence, the final marketing tip for this season would be to tap the emotional side of your audience. You can offer to support a cause by giving away a certain percentage of the profit from every sale.


The season to create long-lasting bonds with your consumers is here, so missing out on the opportunity should be the last thing on your list. And since time is everything, you can start with the simplest marketing tip of the list. However, the most important thing to remember is planning and developing campaigns keeping the budget, product, and brand vision in mind. A good starting point could be writing down the goals from the holiday campaign. Also, you should be able to modify it based on the reactions of your target audience for maximum impact. While you can use all the above suggestions for your brand, which one did you find as the best marketing tip?