Took Picture in School


Woohoo! Welcome back to my blog! How you guys been doing? Haha… Guess what! Its Friday yet it also cooling-off day! Yay but still need to attend school ar… lol… Anyway, back to my weekly school life sharing in this blog. Today will share something different…

First week of MAY 2011 has past and here come my week 3 of second year in school. Pretty much happening throughout the one whole week, likewise assignment and project has been given out to us to accomplish in few week time.

Lecture time sometime since boring… As usual everyone doing their own things… lol so what am I doing other than listening to lecture? Yes! Take photo! Using my Smartphone to “secretly” took picture of my classmate or rather schoolmate in random timing… hahaha

Most of the morning period, we were having the web design module which I like it the most in this semester. Yup! Creating, designing and importing a new website… Sound fun and it’s really fun! It’s some sort of interest to keep me entertain in class.

Share with you guys some of my classmate picture taken this week! Yeah! They were interesting and hyperactive people! Although some were in different class but we used to get together for lunch. *Smiles* spotted any new faces? Alright, I promise will share more new faces next week! hahaha sound like *beauty contest* ar…

Me, Hao Meng, Siyin, Arif

SuZhen, Jerlyn, Weijie, Kok Leong

Esther, Justin, JiaLi, Shashi

Farhan bravo! lol

Picture with Su Zhen

Arif and Desmond

Justin Ong!

My holy chocolate waffle! I ate it when i bored in school! haha

Before I end, look at my title above… “Took Picture in School”… Yup the complete sentence is… “I Took Picture in School, in random time random place, we live, cheer and study happily”. This how school life is… Hope everyone have a nice weekend ahead and Happy Mother’s day to all the Mum in this world! 🙂