Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Scalp with 99 Percent Hair Studio

Scalp Treatment

A regular scalp treatment is essential! I am glad to be back at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Haji Lane for my 4th scalp treatment. Before the start of the process, I did a scalp analysis to know more about my current scalp conditions. My hairstylist, Katherine, advise me based on the microscopic images and as result; it’s a positive sign as my previous oily and sensitive scalp has reduced.

scalp treatment

How many of you maintained a good habit of having a regular basis of scalp treatment done? At 99 Percent Hair Studio, customers will go through a series of detailed scalp treatments based on their scalp conditions.

Here are some of the tips to maintain a healthy scalp:
1. Balance Your Diet

Your scalp health condition reflects on what you consume in your daily meal. It is important to eat nutritious foods rather than processed and unhealthy choices. And, always keep your hair and body hydrated by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.

Scalp massage

2. Scalp massage

Scalp massages help to decrease stress and increased blood flow to the scalp which produces healthy cells in the hair follicle. It also helps to boost your mood and giving a better hair growth!

3. Cut your fingernails

Something we shouldn’t miss out is to keep ourselves hygiene at all-time! By cutting away long fingernails can help to reduce the chance of transferring bacteria and fungus to the hair while touching the scalp.

Exfoliation scalp treatment

4. Exfoliation scalp treatment

Exfoliation scalp treatment is an important step to having healthy scalp and hair growth. The deeper cleansing process helps to remove products build-up and dead skill cells. It treats scalp acne and improves blood circulation and prevents you from getting premature hair loss too.

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